Palm Ranks 3rd in Cell Phone Satisfaction

Changewave is out today with results of a recent smart phone survey that concluded on June 24th. According to their survey, there will be tremendous growth in consumer smart phone buying, with 16.4% planning on a smart phone purchase within the next 90 days. This is the highest number since Changewave started their surveys. Among existing smart phone users, Palm ranked third in Cell Phone Satisfaction trailing only Apple’s iPhone and HTC.

Not all the numbers are positive. Palm ¬†joins Motorola and RIM, all of whom saw a decline in a survey of Future Smart Phone Buyers from March 2010 to June 2010. It’s no coincidence that all three did not have any new hardware released or announced during the time the survey was conducted.

Changewave via Business Insider

Palm Survey Could Net You Free Treo

Palm, via their blog, informed us of a ten minute survey they are conducting to better understand how information we manage daily and how people deal with it. The survey is being conducted by research firm Basex on behalf of Palm. Everyone who completes the survey will be eligible for a chance to win one of 5 Treos. Participate in the survey and you just might net yourself a free Treo 750 equipped with Windows Mobile 6.