SyncMate Offers Free Windows Mobile Synchronization Solution for Mac Users

Eltima Software has released SyncMate for Mac, a new (and free) synchronization tool that allows you to sync your Windows Mobile Treo with your Mac.


You can synchronize Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Standart, Classic, Professional) with Mac OS 10.4 and higher.The program is easy-to-use and has numerous handy features:

  • Install applications to your mobile phone
  • Synchronize Favorites, Contacts, Calendar and Notes with their analogs Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal and Stickies accordingly
  • Get information about the device (OS, memory status, alarms, battery state, etc.), view memory status diagram
  • Manage SMS (Inbox and Outbox, drafts, sent and deleted messages)
  • Keep track of what was done by SyncMate with actions log.
  • SyncMate has also a built-in converter so you can compress video to MPEG4, and ability to resize your images while copying. No word on Leopard compatibility, but could assume it’s on the way.

    Source: Eltima
    via WMExperts

    MarkSpace Adds Support For Windows Mobile 6

    Mark/Space has announced the release of version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Windows
    Mobile, adding support for Windows Mobile 6 Professional along with a host of new features. Palm has announced the Treo 750 will receive an update to Windows Mobile 6. This latest update from Mark/Space ensures Mac users will have a syncing solution that supports the new Microsoft OS.

    "For more than a year now, The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile has been widely regarded as the best way to connect Windows Mobile 5 devices to Mac OS X, allowing users to synchronize everything from contacts and calendars to Microsoft Office files and iTunes podcasts," said Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO. "Now, with the release of version 4.0, we’re providing support for the very latest devices running Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Standard and Classic, including the HTC Touch, Motorola Q9 and upgraded Samsung Blackjack, giving Mac users complete freedom in their choice of
    mobile device."

    New Features

    • A new Video plugin supports importing videos taken with the built-in camera
      present on many Windows Mobile devices. These videos can be imported
      directly into an iPhoto album or into a folder of the user’s choosing
      anywhere on their Mac. This feature includes the option to delete
      successfully imported movies from the device, freeing up storage space for
      other uses.
    • The Video plugin also provides encoding and mobile playback capabilities,
      which give users the option to easily encode DRM-free QuickTime video from
      the Mac and download it to their Windows Mobile device for playback while
      on the go. A simple drag and drop begins the encoding and download process.
      A player with support for MP4 video, such as Windows Media Player Mobile
      10, is required for mobile video playback.
    • A new Call Log plugin and matching Call Log application for Mac OS X
      provide access to the log of phone calls made and received with
      phone-enabled Windows Mobile devices. During each sync operation, the Call
      Log plugin reads the call log stored on the device and copies its data to
      the Mac. The included Call Log app on the Mac can then be used to sort,
      filter, annotate and search through the list of calls and view call dates
      and durations. Integration with Apple’s Address Book application provides
      additional information related to known contacts, including company name
      and contact photo, while a toolbar button expedites the process of creating
      a new contact in Address Book from call log data. An export function
      provides the ability to use Excel or a database application to further
      manipulate the data, a useful feature for attorneys or other professionals
      who track and bill for their time.
    • Version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile also includes a new SMS
      Log plugin and matching SMS Log application for Mac OS X. Working in
      combination, these components provide access to the device’s log of sent
      and received SMS text messages. Messages are grouped by contact and easily
      searched using Apple’s Spotlight technology. Like the Call Log application,
      the SMS Log application also integrates with Apple’s Address Book app to
      gather information for known contacts. This feature not only provides a
      backup for often-critical communications sent to or from a mobile device,
      but it also allows users to access that information with their Mac.

    Missing Sync for Windows Mobile version 4.0 retails for $39.95 with upgrades running $24.95. For more information, please visit Mark/Space.