Several New Palm Smartphones On Horizon

According to DigiTimes in China, Copal Communications has received ODM orders for “several models of smartphones from Palm” with order volumes likely to top 5 million units. The report also points to Palm’s order volume being a significant growth driver for the company in 2009. While there have been rumors of a Treo 850, numbers like this suggest a combination of a new Centro device and possibly a new Palm OS 2.0 smartphone.

For many Palm OS faithful, the options have been rather limited. The last Palm OS powered Treo smartphone was the Treo 755p. While the Centro has been a success for Palm, it’s due in large part to ease of use found in the Palm OS and the pocket friendly form factor. The Treo smartphone has been regarded as a power-users smartphone and this group has been left in somewhat of a lurch. They either jump to Windows, the diminutive Centro or a competitor’s phone. This is crucial demographic for Palm and one might argue their core audience. Palm, not unlike Apple, has tremendous brand loyalty. The company has done a great job in expanding their market with the Centro smartphone and Windows Mobile powered devices, but it’s the release of a Palm OS 2.0 powered smartphone that will fill the void in the current product lineup.

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Verizon Phasing Out Treo 755p

According to a report from PalmInfoCenter, Verizon will begin phasing out the Treo 755p in favor of the Palm Centro that debuted just last month. Verizon has dropped the price to $99, but it’s currently showing as out of stock at

Earlier this month, Palm released a software update for the Verizon Treo 755p, a tune-up that improves the phone application, stability and device usability. Surprisingly, Sprint still lists the Treo 755p amongst it’s available PDA/Smartphones, despite selling the Centro and the new Treo 800w. Reports back in April regarding a Sprint phase-out of the Treo 755p were incorrect.

The Treo 755p might represent the last Palm OS smartphone released under the ‘Treo’ brand. Ed Colligan has mentioned that Palm 2.0 would be slotted as a new prosumer brand between the Centro and Treo lines.

Palm Releases Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

Palm has released a software update for the Verizon branded Treo 755p. According to Palm, "This software update is a tune-up that improves the phone application, stability and device usability."

Do I Need This Update?

On your Treo 755p, press Phone . Then press Menu . From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Look for the Software item. If the version number is lower than 1.08 and the end of the string says VZW, you should install this update. This update is for the Treo 755p for Verizon owners only.

Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

The update takes approximately 45 minutes. Mac users will need an expansion card and reader to perform the udpate. Users are encouraged to back up their data. For more information and to download the update, please visit Palm.

Sprint Not Phasing Out Palm Treo 755p

Contrary to a earlier report from Brighthand, Sprint is not phasing out Palm’s Treo 755p from their product line-up. Sprint representatives have informed us that "the Treo 755p continues to be a strong product offering in Sprints lineup of Palm products which also includes the Centro and the Treo 700wx."

With regards to the Treo 755p being unavailable from their online site, Sprint representatives confirmed “we are currently addressing temporary outage of inventory which is why the handset is not currently featured as part of our online store at Sprint plans to continue offering these handsets and investing in new Palm products throughout 2008.”

Centro Cutting Into Treo Sales

According to financial analysts, Palm’s Centro smartphone is having an adverse affect on sales of the Palm Treo.

"We think the Centro is seeing modest success, but this is partially at the cost of higher margin Treo products," writes Citigroups Jim Suva. Suva went on to say, "We believe Centro products carry lower-than-corporate average margins to to the heavy subsidy required to hit the $99 price point. Centro traction may be viewed positively, but we think this will be offset by the negative financial impact." Suva also commented that Palm stands to lose more than RIM with Apple’s iPhone SDK release and entry into the Enterprise market.

The Palm Centro was originally thought of as a low-cost member of the Treo family, but Palm essentially rebranded the device as the Centro. The Centro has been referred to as a "Tiny Treo". While it has a smaller, pocketable form factor, the software package is virtually identical to the more expensive Palm Treo 755p. Palm released the Centro on Sprint Wireless back in October of 2007, months after the release of the Treo 755p was released on the same network. Palm most likely knew that releasing them at the same time would cause cannibalization of the higher priced Treo 755p. After the buzz of the Treo 755p had worn off, the Centro release injected new life into the Palm product line. The Centro has enjoyed modest success at time when Treo sales were slumping. While I’m sure there is some level of cannibalization that has occurred, it would have to be across carriers, thus meaning that a customer would have switch providers. Palm’s latest lineup includes:

  • Treo 755p (Carrier: Verizon Wireless)
  • Centro (Carrier: Sprint)
  • Centro (Carrier: AT&T)
  • Treo 750 (Carrier: AT&T)

It’s unclear how many "switchers" will jump carriers for a device. Not to mention that despite the same software bundle, these two smartphones are not cut from the same cloth. The more expensive Treo, while remaining a tad on bulky side, offers a better build quality than the value priced Centro. While AT&T offers both the Centro and Treo, the latter is the Treo 750 that runs Windows Mobile, while the Centro runs the Palm OS. While it is certainly plausible that some cannibalization has occured, it’s the lack of a new smartphone in the Treo series that is affecting Palm’s margins. The last major release was the Palm Treo 755p and this was seen as an evolutionary product. While the Treo 755p is new to Verizon, it’s release comes 7 months after the Sprint release of the same phone, that’s a significant amount of time when you are discussing mobile technology. Apple’s iPhone was released in June of last year and the company expects to reach the 10 million mark in device sales by the end of 2008.

Palm will announce their fiscal fiscal third quarter results Thursday. Analysts expect Palm to miss Wall Street estimates. As a result Palm shares were down today 18.5 cents or 4.7% at $4.88.


Source: Barrons

Verizon Wireless and Palm Announce the Arrival of the Treo 755p Smartphone

Verizon Wireless and Palm, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of the Palm Treo 755p smartphone in exclusive deep blue- green.

Compared to its Treo 700p predecessor, the Treo 755p has a sleeker design with an internal antenna and a soft-touch feel. Featuring a large, high-resolution, color touch-screen for quick stylus access to applications, the Treo 755p offers a full QWERTY keyboard for easy e-mail creation, Web browsing and text messaging. It also includes features such as a 1.3 megapixel camera and built-in support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and PDF documents. Customers can view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, and view PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files. Running the Palm OS, the new Palm Treo 755p from Verizon Wireless gives mobile professionals the tools they need to help maximize productivity.

Built-in Support for Direct Push Technology for E-mail

The Treo 755p offers VersaMail 3.5.45 with built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for Microsoft Direct Push Technology that delivers e-mail and calendar updates from a home or office PC using Outlook. Businesses connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server get fast, automatic wireless updates of e-mail, calendar and contact information with added IT security and remote manageability.

Treo 755p users also have the option of using Verizon Wireless’ Wireless Sync for quick and easy access to personal or corporate e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks from their home or office PC. Customers can sync up to 10 POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts, including AOL, Yahoo! Premium and more with their Treo 755p. Wireless Sync supports Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino.

Fast Speeds with Verizon Wireless’ Broadband Network

Verizon Wireless customers using the Treo 755p have the benefit of Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO high-speed network to send and receive data. Verizon Wireless’ broadband network is the most reliable national wireless broadband network in the country and available from coast to coast.

For customers interested in using their Treo 755p smartphones as modems with a Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess Connect service plan to send and receive data from notebook PCs, the Treo 755p can easily take advantage of the 600 kbps to 1.4 mbps typical download speeds of the Verizon Wireless EV-DO network. The Treo 755p comes with built-in 60 MB of user-available memory and can be enhanced by using the miniSD slot to add separately purchased memory cards of up to 4 GB for storing data, photos, music, and video.

Integrated Google Maps for Mobile

With Google Maps installed right out of the box, Verizon Wireless customers using the Treo 755p can get directions; perform local searches; and view moveable/scalable maps, satellite imagery, and traffic updates while on-the-go. Customers can also map a contact’s address directly from the contact listing simply by selecting the “maps” button.

Pricing and Availability

The Palm Treo 755p from Verizon Wireless is available for $399.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year customer agreement. Customers who purchase a qualified voice plan along with a data plan may be eligible for an additional $100 credit making the Treo 755p $299.99 for those customers.

Verizon Wireless Nationwide E-mail plans for the Treo 755p begin at $79.99 for 450 anytime voice minutes and unlimited e-mail. For more information on any Verizon Wireless product or service, visit

Beginning today, customers may purchase the Treo 755p online at, by calling 1-800-2 JOIN IN or by contacting their Verizon Wireless Business Sales Representative. The device will be in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores on Jan. 7.

Next Up For Verizon Wireless Is Treo 755p

Verizon Wireless announced they will be releasing the Palm Treo 755p this fall.

This release will most likely represent the last release of the Palm OS based Treo as we know it. It is possible that Verizon will pick up the Palm OS based Palm Centro in January at the conclusion of Sprint’s 3 month exclusive. The Treo 755p is the Palm OS based follow-up to the Treo 700p, released in June of 2006. The Treo 700p has been plagued by software issues that were further complicated by a faulty firmware release earlier this year that resulted in network connectivity issues. Verizon and Palm have since resolved the issue with the release of the Treo 700p update 1.10 in September.

No official release date has been made, but expect Verizon to have the Treo 755p in stores for the holidays.

Discuss the Treo 755p in our forums.

Palm and Telus Announce Exclusive Canadian Availability of Treo 755p

Palm and Telus have announced the exclusive Canadian release of the Palm Treo 755p.

Palm Treo 755p
Palm Treo 755p now available In Canada through Telus

Click to enlarge.

Evolving the Treo family to keep mobile professionals connected, productive, and entertained, Palm Canada and TELUS today announced the exclusive availability of the Palm Treo 755p smartphone in Canada. The CDMA Treo 755p offers TELUS Mobile Email, providing consumer and business clients with automatic updates to their email, calendar, contacts and task information; Google Map for mobile; as well as the latest Treo design with integrated antenna, slimmer form factor and mini-SD slot.

The Treo 755p brings customers quick, wireless access to web, email, business and multimedia applications, so consumers and professionals can stay connected while on the go.

"In today’s fast-paced business environment, Treo smartphones have become a crucial productivity tool for mobile professionals who need quick access to advanced applications in a device that packs a computing-power punch," said Michael Moskowitz, vice president, Americas International, Palm, Inc. "The slimmer Treo 755p is a stylish, must-have device ideal for business professionals looking to manage a variety of communications and information while on the go."

"Palm Treo smartphones are familiar communications tools with TELUS clients and, as the exclusive Canadian carrier of the Treo 755p, we continue to demonstrate our leadership in delivering the latest communication tools that serve both professional and personal needs," said Stephen Ospalak, TELUS vice president of Subscriber Devices. "The Treo 755p delivers fast and efficient email on the TELUS wireless high-speed network in a stylish form factor that’s packed with the multimedia features that clients demand."

Palm Promotional Site Confirms Verizon Treo 755p

A new Palm promotional website PalmThing has Verizon listed as a carrier for the Treo 755p.


Click to enlarge.

This has been speculated for quite some time and there has yet to be an official announcement from either Palm or Verizon. If you visit Palm’s new promo site PalmThing and select the Treo 755p, Verizon will be listed among the available carriers.

Thank to a forum member for the find.

Palm Treo 755p Review

Palm Treo 755p Review

4 of 5

The Treo 755p is the latest smartphone from Palm and is available through Sprint Wireless.

Palm Treo 755p review



Over the past year and a half , Palm has been releasing a steady stream of Treo smartphones. The different models offer a myriad of features, running different operating systems and available through various wireless carriers. Over the past year and half, we’ve seen the introduction of seven new Treo smartphones, all of which are still available for purchase.

  • Palm Treo 700w (Windows Mobile/CDMA/Verizon) – Treo 700w review
  • Palm Treo 700p (Palm OS/CDMA/Sprint and Verizon) – Treo 700p review
  • Treo 700wx (Windows Mobile/CDMA/Sprint)
  • Treo 680 (Palm OS/GSM/Cingular) – Treo 680 review
  • Treo 750v (Windows Mobile/GSM, Vodafone)
  • Treo 750 (Windows Mobile/GSM/Cingular) – Treo 750 review

Last week, Palm added the Sprint Treo 755p (CDMA) to the lineup. For consumers, the decision on which Treo to buy has become more and more confusing.

Palm Treo 755p maroon


User Interface

A quick trip to the Info menu in Application reveals the Palm Treo 755p runs Palm OS Garnet 5.4.9, also found on the Treo 700p released in June of 2006. In October of 2006, Palm introduced the Palm Treo 680 (GSM, Cingular), a Palm OS based smartphone designed for “first time smartphone users”. Understanding the hurdles that face first time smartphone owners, Palm included a revised Phone application. The new Phone application featured a tabbed interface allowing easy access to the dialer, contacts, call log and your applications. Sadly, the Treo 755p includes the older Phone app (version 2.5). According to Palm, this version caters more to “power users”. Some might debate the usefulness of the new Phone application, but I found the improved GUI (graphic user interface) and ease of use to be a great improvement. Including it on the Treo 755p would have been a plus. If Palm was concerned about power users, perhaps they could have offered an option in the application. Simple view or advanced view allowing the end user to decide.

Treo 680 Phone app

Treo 680 Phone app



Treo 755p Phone application

Treo 755p Phone application


Focus On Treo Experience Centers Around Software

Palms recent advertising campaign “Not just a cellphone, a Treo” earmarks how the focus has shifted from hardware design to software applications and improving the Treo experience. For the most part, the applications that are bundled with the Treo 755p are third party applications that are readily available to any Treo owner. GoogleMaps, Docs To Go, Bejeweled, PocketTunes and VoiceMemo are all fantastic applications in their own right, but easily added or already included on the Treo 700p. Stalwarts such as VersaMail, Blazer and PIM applications remain the same.

Treo 755p volume buttons

Treo 755p volume buttons


Treo 755p camera

Treo 755p camera sports a 1.3mp camera


Built-in IM

One welcome addition is the Instant Messaging application known simply as IM. The application is not pre-installed, but selecting the icon quickly generated a download from Sprint. I was quickly greeted by a home screen that featured icons from AOL IM, Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger. Just prior to this, the application warns of potential data charges. I’d recommend avoiding this application unless you have an unlimited data plan. Upon selecting an icon, I was prompted to enter my login information. Setup on all three services was a breeze. Some interesting notes about the new IM application.

Data warning on Palm IM app

Palm’s IM app will offer a warning regarding data charges


  • You can be logged into all three services at the same time
  • AOL IM supports iChat users (dot mac support)
  • You can leave the application and still recieve messages
  • Includes smilie support
Palm IM supports AIM, Messenger and Yahoo!

Palm IM supports AIM, Messenger and Yahoo!


Chatting on Palm Treo 755p IM

Chatting on Palm Treo 755p IM


Palm has also included QuickText. Those familiar with the SMS program on Palm Treos, this allows users to quickly select from a preset list of messages.

Treo 755p IM message alert

IM will alert you of an incoming message


Do You Google

GoogleMaps, released last year, comes preinstalled on the Treo 755p. This application is readily available for all Treo users, but is worthy of including in the ROM of the Treo. GoogleMaps uses the data connection to generate maps and directions based upon the user input. The Treo 755p does not come with built-in GPS, but this mapping feature can be useful.

GoogleMaps for Treo 755p

GoogleMaps comes pre-installed on the Treo 755p


One of the more handy utilities is the “Find Nearby Businesses”. For business travelers, you could enter your current address and ask GoogleMaps to find “restaurants”. I tested this feature and sure enough Google provided very accurate results. It offered 9 restaurants in my area, including Runyon’s which is literally in walking distance. Nothing new here with GoogleMaps, but a worthy inclusion on the Treo 755p.

Points of interest available through GoogleMaps

GoogleMaps allows you to find restaurants nearby



Sprint ships the Treo 755p with the Sprint TV application. This allows you to stream televison from an assortment of stations. In my testing, I streamed CNN live and the NFL Network without a problem. I compared the feed to my DirecTV feed and the Sprint TV version was behind. I didn’t experience any buffering issues or choppy video with the live TV. Some of the other channels are pre-recorded specifically for mobile TV and include E!, NBC Mobile and others. The clips appear to be of a higher resolution and I had some bouts with choppy playback. Sprint offers a premium “Live” package for $9.99 a month that offers you access to over 20 channels. Sprint TV is basically a branded version of MobiTV. Overall, I was very happy with the quality and attribute this to the EvDO connection offered by Sprint. In previous reviews of MobiTV, the buffering issues were caused by the slower EDGE data connection.

Palm also packaged an application called On Demand. This allows you to enter your zip code and get a variety of news, some catered to your location. The sports section lacked the ability to find scores for the day and I think you’d probably be better off accessing a good mobile site for news.

On Demand application on Treo 755p

Good mobile sites will offer more information that On Demand


Access TV Guide through On Demand

Access TV Guide through On Demand


Useful Guides For New Owners

As with previous Treo smartphones, the Treo 755p includes a “Quick Tour”. The latest version offers a great tutorial on how use the Treo. For first time owners, Palm has done a great job in helping to educate new owners on how to use their Treo. The Treo in general can be a very easy phone to use, but does require a few lessons to get started. I recommend new Treo owners take the time to run through the Quick Tour. This will get you acclimated to using the Treo.

Outside of the IM application and GoogleMaps, the software bundle remains identical to what is found on the Treo 700p. With the QuickTour, Palm again has done a great job in helping new owners learn the basic features of their smartphone making a very complex device easy to use.

Palm Treo 755p tutorial

Palm offers a helpful tutorial on the Treo 755p

Hardware Changes Mostly Cosmetic

The Treo 755p is outfitted with an Intel XScale 312MHz processor and 128MB of memory.  The main changes to the Treo 755p are cosmetic in nature. Gone is the external antenna, replaced with an internal antenna. The Treo 755p battery is roughly two thirds the size of the Treo 700p battery. Despite being similar in size to the Treo 680/Treo 750 batteries, it is not compatible. Considering most will not be upgrading from either smartphone, this won’t affect most users.

Treo 755p vs Treo 700p

The new Treo 755p is slightly smaller and loses the external antenna


Side by side comparison of Treo 755p vs Treo 700p

Side by side comparison of Treo 755p vs Treo 700p

The form factor is similar to the Treo 750 and Treo 680. The build quality is impressive and similar (if not the same) as the Treo 750. When it comes to build quality, this Treo is more a sibling of the Treo 750, than the Treo 680. As we wrote in our Treo 750 review, the keyboard is the best I’ve seen in any device I have reviewed. Available in two colors (midnight blue and maroon), the Treo 755p also features a rubberized coating. If you’re not the type to carry your Treo in a case, this definitely will help provide a more solid grip on the Treo. In general, it’s also a nicer surface that feels good in your hand. Overall, that’s my general feeling about this new form factor. It’s not as thin as competiting smartphones flooding the market (Moto Q, Blackjack, Dash), but it’s certainly feels smaller than previous generation Treos. Using the Treo 755p felt comfortable and it is lighter than the Treo 700p. While I’d like to see Palm release a smaller form factor, the curved back and internal antenna make a big difference in everyday use. This won’t necessarily show up when looking at photos on the Internet.

Making The Move To miniSD Memory Expansion

To compensate for the changes in size, Palm had to change some things. This latest generation Treo uses miniSD cards. For those upgrading, you’ll have to upgrade your memory card(s). Prices are comparable with a 2GB miniSD priced similarly to a 2GB SD card. The Treo 755p has an enclosure on the right side of the device that will protect your card. This was introduced on the Treo 680 and Treo 750. Quite frankly, the previous design was flawed, but was something that became accepted. Having lost (and luckily retrieving one of my SD cards), this new design is a welcome change.

Treo 755p miniSD

The Treo 755p uses miniSD


Using The Treo 755p With Existing Treo Accessories

The Treo 755p uses the same connector allowing those who are upgrading to use their existing cables, car chargers and travel chargers. The IR port has shifted from the top of the device to the right. I’d venture to say most use IR to swap contacts, so the move is not a deal breaker for most. The Treo 755p uses a new battery that is roughly 33% smaller than the battery found in the Treo 700 series. Despite being similar in size to the Treo 750 and Treo 680 battery, the new battery is actually different. The Treo 755p does not share the same battery as either the Treo 750 or Treo 680. Batteries for those phones are not compatible with the Treo 755p.

Treo 755p data port

All existing chargers will work with the Treo 755p



Like its predecessor, the Treo 755p supports Bluetooth 1.2. This means no support for A2DP or Bluetooth voice dialing. You can achieve this through third party software Softick Audio Gateway, albeit at an added expense. I’m happy to report the Treo 755p performed well in my tests with both car kits and assorted headsets. Once you set up a Bluetooth device, the Treo 755p did not lose the connection. This is a problem that has plagued some Treo 700p owners. When in range, the Treo 755p immediately picked up the coordinating device. According to Palm, the Treo 755p incorporates some of the fixes in the soon to be released Treo 700p mainentance release.

Sound Quality

I had no issues with sound quality. The phone performed as well or on par with previous Treo smartphones.

Battery Life

My normal usage includes checking emails at 15 minute intervals (when away from my desktop), moderate phone usage and Bluetooth connectivity. I tried an test of what I deem a very active user. I was logged into all 3 IM accounts set SnapperMail to retrieve every 5 minutes. When I started this test, the Treo had rough 75% on the battery meter. I started at 7pm and returned at 9:30am the following morning. Battery life was at 25%. 14 hours of data connections at 5 minute intervals, while logged into IM, only took 50% of the battery life. Considering I had started with only 75% and still had 25% battery life, I’d consider battery life to be more than sufficient, even for power users.


  • Excellent build quality
  • New form factor reduces size of Treo
  • Launch price of $279* lower than previous Treo models in this range (after rebate w/ 2 year contract)
  • Best software bundle gets better with IM
  • Rubberized coating provides for easier grip
  • Works with existing Treo accessories (miniSD/Treo 750/680 battery withstanding)
  • EvDO provides fast data connections
  • Battery life suitable for power users


  • New Treo 680 Phone application not included
  • No support for SD. Those who upgrade will have to invest in miniSD.
  • Hardware specifications no different from Treo 700p released in June of 2006
  • Palm OS is dated
  • No support for A2DP
  • Although improved, form factor larger than new entries into market
  • Too little, too late?
Sprint Treo 755p

Sprint Treo 755p


The Treo product line continues to evolve, with the key word being evolve. The  Treo 755p is another evolutionary product, a virtual “best of Treo” with features found in Palm smartphones that we’ve seen before. The Treo 755p is best in class when it comes to Treos with EvDO for broadband-like data connections, excellent software bundle and an improved form factor. Despite the lack of new features, the Treo 755p is a superb smartphone. If you are a first time smartphone buyer considering a Treo, then look no further than the Treo 755p. For those Treo 650/600 owners who weren’t compelled by the feature set in the Treo 680, the Treo 755p will prove to be a worthy upgrade.
If this phone were released last June, it would be an unbridaled hit. With new innovation such as the iPhone and Palm’s forthcoming transition to Linux, consumers will ultimately decide if this “Greatest Hits” release is worthy of their dollar.


Treo 755p in midnight blue

Treo 755p in midnight blue


The Palm Treo 755p retails for $279*. *after rebates with 2-year commitment.

Discuss the new Treo in our Treo 755p forum.