HP TouchPad Demo Video From Digital Experience

Our old friend Jimmie Geddes was at Digital Experience last night and managed to get a video demo of the HP TouchPad.

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HP TouchPad Video Walkthrough

A rather extensive walkthrough of the HP TouchPad.

Overall, things are looking good, save for the Flash performance.

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HP Veer 4G Hands On Video, Unboxing

Here’s a first look at the HP Veer 4G, coming to AT&T on May 15th at a price of $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement). Our first impressions are as you’d expect, the Veer is surprisingly small. The keyboard is reminiscent of the Palm Pre Plus keyboard, but improved. It is smaller than the Pre keyboard, with the keys roughly the size of those found on the Pixi Plus. The magnetic latch is a welcome addition. No more USB doors to fiddle with and the latch attaches with ease. The back of the HP Veer is a hard plastic, slightly different from the Touchstone backing on the Pre.

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We haven’t spent much time yet with the Veer, but build quality appears to be pretty solid throughout. The sliding mechanism is very smooth and quiet. The HP Veer is the antithesis of today’s smartphones. In a crowded field of large screen devices, the HP Veer dares to move in the opposite direction, with it’s impossibly small stature. Thanks to it’s small size and support for lanyards, it could have wide appeal to those looking for wearable tech or those looking to avoid the bulk found in other larger phones. It’s not a word I use often, but the Veer is “cute”. I can say with certainty that we won’t see Veer commercials with F16’s bombing corn fields.

Stay tuned for our review in the coming week.

AT&T Palm Pre Plus Unboxing Video

It comes out tomorrow, but join us today as we unbox the Palm Pre Plus for AT&T. Give us a few days to put it through the paces and expect a full review. If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in our Palm Pre forums.

More “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” Ads

In case  you missed these, Palm has a few new ads in support of the new “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” campaign. One noticeable difference is the appearance of a phone in the ads, which was a complaint about the original ad. Next round, it would be great if we could see a glimpse of the phone to distinguish it as a Palm phone. Palm logo on the back will suffice. All in all, job well done. Anyone see these on their favorite show or sporting event? Let us know in the comments. Also hit us up if you know what songs are used in the commercials.

Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus Hands On

The bulk of my afternoon was spent getting some hands-on time with both the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon Wireless. Both look very similar to their Sprint counterparts. The Palm Pre Plus no longer has the trackball looking home button, replaced with a larger gesture area. This makes the device look cleaner, since it’s virtually flat across the entire front surface. We tested a few of the sliders and they felt improved. The keyboard is the most improved part of the Palm Pre Plus. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a cross between the existing Palm Pre keyboard and the super-tactile Palm Pixi keyboard. Gone are the orange hues, replaced with gray.  The Palm Pre Plus has the same processor, memory and internals as the existing Palm Pre, save for the added memory. The Palm Pre Plus offers 16GB of storage compared to the 8GB Palm Pre.


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The Palm Pixi Plus gets the added benefit of WiFi. Outside of the new neon backplates, no big changes for the sibling of the Pre Plus.


Software releases will dictate which model you select. The Palm Pre Plus (and Palm Pre) support all the new 3D games. All webOS devices will support Flash and offer video recording, editing and sharing with webOS 1.4. Even more impressive is the Verizon-only Hotspot app. While we wait for pricing, it’s great value add to turn your Palm webOS device into a personal MiFi that allows connectivity for up to 5 devices. Our live blog was made possible with the MiFi – an overall great product. New webOS device owners will have the ability to turn their phone into their personal MiFi.


Overall,  the Palm Pre Plus offers some subtle, but nice improvements combined with the added storage. The Palm Pixi Plus adds the much needed WiFi component. A nice package when you consider it will be available on Verizon’s network.

Editor’s note: Due to my failure to pack a video cable, much of our HD video coverage will be available on Saturday. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest.

Video: Palm Pixi Running 1.3.1

It appears as if yet another cellphone reseller has gotten their hands on not yet released Palm Pixi and was kind enough to share some video. Yesterday, we had the Palm Pixi unboxing and today we get a tour of webOS 1.3.1.  Anything stand out? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Palm Pixi Unboxed, Handled

Wirefly, Internet mobile phone resellers, have managed to get their hands on the Palm Pixi. They’ve been so gracious as to provide an unboxing of the Palm Pixi, a full week before Palm releases it to the public. If you’re wondering what’s in store for November 15th, check out this video for a preview.

Thanks Akitayo!

Palm Pre Hands On Video Part I

The following is part one of an ongoing series of Palm Pre videos. In this video, you’ll see "cards" on the Palm Pre. The webOS supports multi-tasking. Pressing the home button on the Pre will reveal all your open applications in "cards". You can keep these open and they are actually live. For example, you can have a video playing in one card and then move to another card that has a browser working. Multiple cards did not slow down or hinder the performance of the Palm Pre in any way. Cards on the Palm Pre were one of the more innovative features of webOS. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of the Palm Pre. Plenty more hands on videos of the device in action and first impressions. Please feel free to ask questions about the Palm Pre in our Palm Pre forums. Not a member? Register today.

Palm Pre Hands On Video Part II: Hardware Preview

Peter Skillman, VP of Industrial Design for Palm, walks through the elements of hardware design on the Palm Pre. From the hardware to the packaging, Palm’s mantra with the Pre was "no detail is too small". Speaking of the packaging, the Palm Pre packaging is similar to the Treo Pro. Like the Palm Pre, it’s small and it’s "green". Skillman also demos the Touchstone accessory that allows you to charge the Palm Pre without having to plug it in. Simply drop the Palm Pre on the Touchstone and it starts charging.