webOS 2.0 Screenshots on Sprint Palm Pre

Palm has been working on bring all the goodness of webOS 2.0 to all current devices, including the original Sprint Palm Pre. Reports on speed say it’s “not fast enough“, but we’re reminded that it’s still a beta. Engadget provides a gallery of screenshots. We are also seeing the debut of much needed voice calling. No word on when this will release, but we’ll let you know.

webos 2.0 voice dialing

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Palm Releases Treo 800w Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth

Palm has released a free software update for the new Treo 800w that enables voice dialing over Bluetooth. The software download will enable the use
of your Bluetooth headset or car kit to initiate voice calls on your Treo 800w via Voice Command voice dialing software.

Palm has set up a list of compatible Bluetooth devices. You can download from Palm or direct to your Treo 800w by visiting www.palm.com/800wota.

Discuss this update and more in our Treo 800w forum.

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