More webOS tablet leaks, upcoming phones “nothing too amazing”

More news coming out today from Engadget regarding HP Palm’s upcoming Topaz and Opal webOS tablets that will be announced on February 9th. The Opal will be 180 x 144 x 13mm (shorter and wider than the Galaxy Tab) and will feature a 1024 x 768 TFT LCD. The larger webOS tablet codenamed Topax will ship three months prior to the Opal. It comes in at 240 x190 x 13mm or essentially the size specs of the iPad.

webOS tablet

The premium audio on the sales sheet will be HP’s Beats audio processing. The tipster also sent details of a survey conducted on behalf of HP Palm. One question asks how interested a respondent would be in a programmable wireless charging dock that transforms a tablet into an alarm clock, digital photo frame and GPS unit. Features found in webOS 2.0’s exhibition. One other notable item is “Tap to share”, allowing individuals to easily share documents, a website or a song between a phone and tablet.

All good news for an impressive showing next month as it relates to the upcoming tablets. Here’s where things go south. The tipster claims to have seen the handsets and says they are “nothing too amazing”.

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HP Teases With New Invite “Think Again”

HP has sent another round of invites, but this time letting everyone know that the tablet renders seen on Engadget are not the latest. The copy reads, “Think you saw the latest on Engadget? Think again.”

HP Schedules Exciting webOS Announcement for February 9th

HP has sent out invites for an exciting webOS announcement on February 9th. We take this to mean some sort of new hardware or perhaps multiple devices. The company won’t have a presence at CES, but they’ll certainly have everyone’s attention in early February. The tagline reads, “Think big. Think small. Think beyond.”

HP webOS announcement

While not a huge surprise to us, but this is an HP event. It appears that the Palm branding might be gone sooner than originally thought.

HP Ads Promote webOS To Developers

New HP banner advertisements are starting to pop up on various tech sites and they are promoting webOS to developers. The caption reads, “HP webOS is the best platform to express your creativity“. ¬†We’re assuming it’s for developers in an attempt to garner more interest and ultimately improve upon the 5,000 apps available in the App Catalog. The ad was seen on everythingiCafe, which is an iPhone community. It certainly makes sense. Find the best iPhone forum in town and advertise webOS in hopes you’ll get a few developers to jump on board.

HP webOS

UPDATE: Here’s another ad also found on everythingiCafe.
HP webOS art ad

Top Ten Things for the PalmPad To Be A Success

CES is right around the corner and the first juicy rumor is that HP Palm will showcase the PalmPad, a tablet based iPad competitor running webOS. There is no doubt that webOS is ideal for a tablet format. Just ask RIM whose BlackBerry Playbook uses some of the nuances found in webOS. If the rumor pans out, what will it take for the webOS tablet to be a success.

Here’s our take.

  1. They must provide a launch date and we don’t mean the vague launch dates that accompanied the original Palm Pre and the Palm Pre 2. Provide a rock solid date in March, but don’t lead with available in Q1.
  2. Price it competitively with the iPad. By competitively, we mean less.
  3. Don’t lock it to Sprint. While 4G is great, there are plenty of cities throughout the US that don’t currently have Sprint’s 4G service. The idea of paying for a premium 4G data plan to use the PalmPad doesn’t sit well with us.
  4. Following up on the previous point, there needs to be a WiFi only version.
  5. Don’t forget about phones. Success of webOS will be driven by phone sales. Dropping major new hardware in January will help move units and get the solid user base needed for the tablet to succeed.
  6. There should be one compelling selling point, one advantage as to why a user will purchase a PalmPad over Motorola’s new Android tablet or the iPad. Take that one point and drive it home with heavy advertising. Yes, leave the creepy girl at home for this one.
  7. No carrier exclusives. Look no further than the Palm Pre launch on Sprint for reasons why they might not be a good idea.
  8. Drop the Palm name and go with HP. We all know the cord is getting cut. This is a new product category for Palm, but HP is well known in computers. Make no mistake, this is a computer, so brand it that way.
  9. Hardware needs to be killer. Motorola will be delivering some heavily touted specs and the iPad 2 is likely coming before the PalmPad is released (if that March date is happening). You don’t want to be the tablet on the comparison sheet that loses the spec fight. Saying you have the superior OS is not enough. Bring hardware that’s on par with the OS.
  10. The biggest hurdle is development of apps. Like it or not, developers have not flocked to webOS. iPad apps are not giant iPhone apps, they are specifically designed with a tablet in mind. webOS apps need the same kind of treatment.

Let us know in the comments if you agree, disagree or would like to add to the list. What does HP Palm have to do to make you buy a webOS tablet?

HP Palm To Debut Tablet “PalmPad” At CES

According to report from Clayton Morris at FOX News, HP Palm is prepping a the rumored webOS based tablet for CES. Included in the article were some rudimentary drawings of the device, interestingly enough the device was branded as HP.


Fox News sources say there will be three versions of the PalmPad and they will all run webOS 2.5.1. Yet another version will not be shown at CES, but will be aimed at university students and release in time for the fall semester.

One version will run on Sprint’s 4G network. The PalmPad is rumored to be thinner than the iPad, has a mini-HDMI connector and offer both front/rear facing cameras with LED flashes. The edges are rounded similar to the Amazon Kindle. Outside of the front facing camera and HDMI out, the PalmPad’s specs are similar to the iPad. Morris says the PalmPad (and we’re not sure that’s the name the tablet will ship with) will be available in March of 2011.

Our take: It wouldn’t be surprising to see this device at CES. HP Palm has several challenges they must address if the device is going to be a success.

via Fox News

Angry Birds Seasons Submitted To Palm App Catalog

Can’t get enough Angry Birds. Good news from Rovio for webOS fans. The company’s official Twitter account announced that Angry Birds Seasons has been submitted to the App Catalog. What’s the mean? A lot of pigs are in some serious trouble and a lot of webOS owners will be able to get more of their Angry Birds fix.

Angry Birds Seasons Coming to webOS

One thing that iPhone, Android and webOS users can agree on, their love of Angry Birds. Now it appears that Rovio Mobile is going to give some of that love back to webOS fans with the release of Angry Birds Seasons. No official word on when it’ll hit the App Catalog, but Rovio let us know on Twitter that it’s “almost there“. Those pigs are in trouble!

Angry Birds Seasons

webOS Hacked To Run On HTC Hero?

According to one developer at XDA, they’ve managed to hack webOS to work on the HTC Hero. The developer hasn’t posted any screen shots, but has promised to post instructions “after school“. Oh those crazy kids. This should be interesting, but why not something more exciting like an EVO or EPIC 4G?

webOS on Hero

Rumor: Palm Mansion to have 5-inch touchscreen

A rumor out of relatively unknown Gorumors (via BGR) cites a source within Palm saying the company is planning on releasing a 5-inch touchscreen device in February. There are of course references to the Palm Mansion in webOS 2.0, along with the Stingray. This is the first we’ve heard about particular specs. We’d advise you take this one with multiple-packets of salt.

Palm Mansion