Windows Phone 7 Launch Tomorrow

We know that you love your webOS phones, but that’s not likely to change. For those wondering about the dark side, our sister site everythingWM will be providing full coverage of tomorrow’s Windows Phone 7 launch. If you’re curious about the competition, stop by and visit. Our Windows Phone forums are open for business and registration is always free.

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Sorry for the interruption. Now back to our webOS coverage.

HP To Use webOS Exclusively In Future Smartphones

Todd Bradley, HP’s Executive Vice President, told CNBC that HP will use webOS exclusively in all future smartphones. There was some question as to whether HP would release a Windows Phone 7 device, but that’s not happening according to Bradley. HP is all in with webOS on the smartphone front. Not so much when it comes to tablets. Speaking at yesterday’s Forturne Brainstorm Tech conference, Bradley confirmed that a Windows based Slate tablet would ship later this year. There are plans for a webOS powered tablet, but no additional information was made available.

focus on webOS

Sounds like HP is focused on that family of webOS devices.

CNBC via Palm on Twitter