Telstra to Launch BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650 Smartphone in Australia

Telstra to Launch BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650 Smartphone in Australia

May 1, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm continues to roll-out Blackberry Connect for the Treo 650, with service starting next month in Australia.

Treo with Blackberry Connect

Telstra, Palm, Inc. and Research In Motion today announced that BlackBerry Connect for the Palm Treo 650 smartphone on the Telstra Network will be available early next month in Australia. Telstra customers now have a wider choice of devices that support the robust and secure capabilities of the BlackBerry services and a wider choice of wireless email solutions that support the feature-rich Treo 650 smartphone.

BlackBerry Connect enables new and existing Treo 650 users to benefit from many popular features of the BlackBerry “push”-based architecture via BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Telstra’s general manager of Mobiles, Mr. Martin Conneely, said Telstra was partnering with industry leaders to offer its customers relevant mobility solutions and devices.

“With more than 2,000 business and government customers using our mobility solutions, we have a lot of experience integrating these services with their existing business processes,” Mr. Conneely said. “Many of our customers have realized significant productivity gains and competitive advantage from mobilizing business applications for their field workers and some have seen return on investment within three months.

“The benefits of the Palm Treo mobility solution are that it integrates a mobile phone with the BlackBerry push email solution and allows customers to access a wider range of business applications. This means our customers can do more using just the one device.”

“Support for BlackBerry Connect makes the Treo 650 even more compelling for businesses in Australia,” said John Hartnett, senior vice president of worldwide sales and customer relations, Palm, Inc., “and it demonstrates Palm’s promise to provide customers with a broad range of world-class, enterprise-strength mobile-computing solutions to meet mobile email needs and more.”

Norm Lo, vice president for Asia Pacific at RIM, said, “BlackBerry provides a powerful and optimized wireless solution to satisfy the requirements of millions of mobile professionals worldwide. We are very pleased to bring BlackBerry Connect to the Treo 650 with Palm and Telstra. With BlackBerry Connect, Telstra’s corporate customers are now able to take the advantage of the proven ‘push’-based BlackBerry architecture on a broader choice of BlackBerry-enabled handsets, including the Treo 650.”

BlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650 smartphone supports the following features:

  • “Push” Corporate Email delivers messages automatically — and
    wirelessly — to the Treo 650 smartphone’s VersaMail(R) inbox.
    Changes to the inbox, including read/unread status and
    deletion, are automatically synchronized between the user’s PC
    and the Treo 650.
  • Wireless Calendar Synchronization keeps the Treo 650
    smartphone’s built-in Calendar up to date remotely, allowing
    users to receive, accept or decline meeting requests on the
  • Attachment Viewing lets users view Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or
    PDF documents while on the road.
  • Remote Address Lookup (RAL) allows users to search their
    corporate directory wirelessly for email addresses without the
    need to download every name to the Treo 650.
  • Extends the benefits of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the
    Treo 650, including centralized device management, IT policies
    such as over-the-air device disablement and password device
    lock, and Triple DES encryption supporting end-to-end

More information on Blackberry Connect can be found at Palm.

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