Tethering App Released for Palm Pre

A third-party developer has released My Tether, an application for webOS that allows you to share your EVDO connection over USB, or Bluetooth PAN. Tethering allows you to use your Palm Pre as a modem allowing you to connect your laptop to the Internet using your EVDO connection. The latest version 2.0, offers the following updates:

Palm Pre tethering

  • Added WiFi network name & WEP key customization options
  • Added option to disable sleep mode on Palm Pre
  • Added ability to turn off the LCD only, doesn’t put the device into sleep.
  • Removed dependence on webosinternals.services

The application is available for download from their forum, but entry requires a donation of $10. For more information, check out mytether.

Note: Sprint likely does not condone using the wireless connection on your phone for tethering. Proceed with caution as any notable increase in data usage could result in termination of your contract and/or charges.

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