Things We Don’t Know About webOS and Palm Pre

There has been plenty of news streaming out of Vegas regarding the new Palm webOS and the Palm Pre. During extensive demo time this afternoon, the operating system looks very stable. There are a number of issues regarding the webOS and Palm Pre that are still works in progress. Palm provided a deluge of information today, but there are still a few details that will not be answered until we get closer to launch. Palm would not comment either way regarding:

  • Flash support 
  • Mac support
  • YouTube streaming video

With Jon Rubenstein coming over from Apple, I’d be surprised if in this day and age they didn’t support the Mac platform. At last check, the Mac OS has reached 10% of the market and that’s a market that craves the latest technology. Of course, most of those are probably iPhone owners. If Palm hopes to convert them to the Palm Pre, they need to build in syncing support for Address Book and iCal. Additionally, the Palm OS that webOS replaces has always been Mac friendly. If you used a Treo and had a Mac, you most likely used a Palm OS Treo to avoid dealing with third party syncing apps.

Have questions for Palm? Let us know in the Palm Pre forums and I’ll do what I can to get them answered.

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