Track the FIFA World Cup With Your Treo

Track the FIFA World Cup With Your Treo

June 12, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

The 2006 FIFA World Cup is underway and you can use your Treo to track matches for free with Football 2006, a free program for the Palm Treo.

Football 2006 screenshot

With Football 2006 lookup what games are played on which days and what games are played at each of the 12 stadiums. Check when and who each team is playing and add an alarm in your Datebook to be reminded of the games. Keep track of the scores of each game and automatically see which teams will be making it to the next round.

With Football 2006 you can even download the latest scores wirelessly using a Treo.

Football 2006 is available as a free download from Everything Treo Software Store.

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