Treo 600

Treo 600

The Treo 600 in October of 2003. The 600 was a major release and upgrade from the Treo 300. At that time, the Treo family of smartphones was produced by Handspring. Shortly after the release of the 600, Palm purchased Handspring.

treo 600

Treo 600 Features

The Treo 600 integrates your phone and PDA resulting in a very powerful smartphone. It’s designed for both business and personal use. You can use the Treo 600 to check email, surf the web and of course make calls. Since it’s a Palm PDA, you’ll always have all of your contacts at your fingertips. The concept beyond a smartphone is to enable owners to sync their contacts, appointments, memo’s and more to their Mac or PC. It’s like taking your most valuable information from your desktop PC wherever you go.

Treo 600 Wireless Providers

The Treo 600 was released to the following wireless carriers.

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Cingular
  • T-Mobile
  • ATT (now part of Cingular

Treo 600 Specifications

The following are the specifications of the Treo 600:

  • Palm OS
  • 144MHz ARM processor
  • 32 MB Installed memory
  • 160 x 160 Resolution
  • Built-in Digital Camera
  • GSM/GPRS Model: Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 240 hours standby time
  • CDMA Model: Up to 4 hours talk time and up to 240 hours standby time

Since it’s release, the Treo 600 might not be available. A number of carriers are only carrying the Treo 650 and Verizon plans on carrying the new Treo 700.

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