Treo 650 Accessory

Treo 650 Accessory

The Treo 650 comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. However, the time will most likely come when you will look for a Treo 650 accessory. The addition of accessories can extend the capabilities of your Treo 650. One of the improvements of the Treo 650 over the Treo 600 is the addition of Bluetooth. Add a Bluetooth headset to your Treo 650 and you’ll no longer have to worry about wires. When looking for a Bluetooth headset for your Treo, be sure to look for a headset that works with the Treo 650. Everything Treo offers comprehensive Bluetooth headset reviews to help with your purchase decision or visit our forums to solicit advice from fellow Treo owners.

Other important accessories to consider are:

  • Case to protect your Treo
  • Screen protection (either in the form of flip top case or screen overlay)
  • You can add functionality and turn your Treo 650 into a:

    • GPS Navigation;
    • Stereo MP3 Player
    • The Treo 650 is an incredible device and truly earns the title of smartphone. It’s incredibly capable as is and has great expansion capabilities.

      Comprehensive Treo 650 Accessory Selection

      Our Everything Treo Store offers a comprehensive selection of Treo 650 Accessories. The products found in our store are Treo 650 compatible. Accessories are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

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