Treo 650

Treo 650

The Treo 650 is the lastest smart phone released by Palm. With the Treo 650 smartphone, you can organize your life. You can carry thousands of contacts and sync them automatically to your PC or Mac. The Palm Treo 650 makes it easy to get organized.

treo 650

Treo 650 Helps You Stay Connected

Forget about what you’ve come to expect using a regular cellphone. The Treo 650 enables you to check email on POP and IMAP accounts. With Versamail, you can retrieve email automatically at predefined intervals.

The Treo 650 comes with a built-in web browser. Using the Blazer browser, you can browse the web. Check stock prices, search Google or just look up last night’s sports scores.

Treo 650

Treo 650 Wireless Providers

In the US, the Treo 650 is available through the following wireless providers:

  • Verizon Wirless
  • Sprint
  • Cingular
  • Earthlink Wirless

Treo 650

T-Mobile does not currently carry the Treo 650. In order to use a Treo 650 on the T-Mobile network, you must use an unlocked GSM model.

The Treo 650 starts at $99.95* with wireless service. *after rebates

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