Treo 680 Review Phone

Treo 680 Review: Phone

December 4, 2006

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By: Christopher Meinck

Sound quality was very good on the Treo 680. Switching to speakerphone couldnt be easier. The large on-screen icons allow you to easily turn on speakerphone. The Treo 680 call screen has been updated. Icons are still easy enough to select using the touch screen, but are smaller in size. Added is a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen to let the user know which function is active.

Treo 680 phone

New Interface Brings Ease Of Use To New Level

One of the exciting new features of the Palm Treo 680 is the Phone application. Using tabs, users can easily switch from Dial Pad, Favorites, Wallpaper, Contacts and Call Log. Basically, this will enable you to access almost anything directly from the main Phone screen.

Treo 680 phone review

The dialer has been given a bit of a makeover. The numbers are slightly larger than previous versions and they are a steel gray gradient that is reminiscent of a PowerMac G5.

Treo 680 dialer review

Favorites has also been improved. According to Palms research, many users had a tough time with the L-R scrolling approach. To combat this, favorites are neatly listed top down. It provides for a very clean looking interface and makes for easy access to your favorite applications and speed dials. You can also set them up for quick access to text message, a web link or email. Setting up weblinks is an easy way to access information you need quickly be it a stock quote or sports score. It would be nice if there were an option in the Blazer web browser to save to the main screen Favorites. The copy and paste feature works easily enough to accomplish this feat.

Treo 680 favorites review

As I noted earlier, given the ease of accessing the dialer from the tabs, I would be more inclined to use the Wallpaper feature on the new 680. Palm has included a few sample images and the default image is the Cingular logo. Wallpaper is not exactly earth shattering, but does make the Treo 680 a bit more fun.

Contacts Integration

You can now access contacts without leaving the Phone application. While it only required one push of a button on the Treo 650, this new integration is very well done. It breeds a certain level of familiarity of the interface. For many the Treo 680 will be their first smartphone and I could see first time feeling comfortable.

Call Log

The call log also has a permanent home in the new UI (user interface). There is a dedicated tab that provides detailed call information. You can sort by incoming, outgoing, missed or view all. Selecting the menu screen also allows you to quickly add a number to Contacts.

Overall On Phone Improvements

Whether a new Treo owner or seasoned veteran, there is plenty to like about the new interface. From the large, easily accessible tabs to the visual icons, this is by far the easiest Treo to use. No matter if youre talking cellphone or smartphone, the Phone interface and sound quality are probably the most important considerations when deciding on a smartphone or any phone for that matter. The Treo 680 excels at both.

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