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Additional Applications

January 11, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

There are additional applications that are standard with the Treo 700w.


Notes is a memo pad that allows you to either type messages or draw directly on the Treo 700w screen. Those looking for this feature on the Treo 650 were forced to use a third party application such as Mobile Write. If you select View Recording Toolbar from the Menu application, you can add a voice memo to the note. This is a very nice touch and great for companies who are using the Treo to communicate. From within Notes, you can beam to another device or send via email. The attached file has an extension of .pwi and was not recognized by my Mac. I tried opening it up in both Photoshop and Microsoft Word, but neither wanted any part of the file.


Like most PDA’s, the Treo 700w comes equipped with a Calculator. You can use either the screen or the keyboard to enter numbers into the calculator. The functions appear to be inline with those on the Treo 650’s Calc application. The Treo 650’s Calc program is a much nicer looking program. The Windows Mobile 5 version looks like it was designed either on July 4th or the day before the release of the Treo. While it won’t win any design awards, it adds, it subtracts, divides and more. More robust solutions are surely to be available via third party apps.


Included with the 700w are both Solitaire and Bubble Breaker. Nothing earth shattering, but they are free and a nice addition.

File Explorer

This allows you to easily see what’s on your Treo 700w both on internal memory and on the storage card. Like Windows XP, you have a My Documents folder, which holds all of your documents, music and pictures. From File Explorer, you can delete files, email documents and more. A nice file management tool, which allows you to sort by Date, Size, Type or Name.

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