Treo 700w Review Conclusion

Treo 700w Review

January 11, 2006
Ratings: 4 of 5

By: Christopher Meinck

Treo 700w

The new Palm Treo 700w is similar in size and weight to its predecessor, the Treo 650, but the similarities end there. The Palm Treo 700w runs Windows Mobile 5 which is a major departure from previous Palm OS based Treos. After a week of heavy use with the Treo 700w, I found there are a lot of things to like in Windows Mobile 5. I grew particularly fond of Windows Today and its ability to create a true mobile â??desktopâ?. The Treo 700w provides me with all the information I need to stay in touch including voice mail, unread emails, access to photo speed dial, appointments and a nifty Google search.

At times, I found the menus of Treo 700w became a bit cumbersome. There were some things (such as activating Speakerphone), which required too much navigation through menu options. The Treo is a mobile device and navigating menus in the car or on the go needs to be easier.

Despite the lower resolution (240×240) of the Windows Mobile Treo 700w, the GUI (graphic user interface) is colorful and very attractive. When it comes to viewing video content or pictures, the Treo 700w is capable, but not up to par when compared to the Treo 650. When it came to taking the photos, the 1.3 megapixel camera of the Treo 700w produced a superior photo to the Treo 650.

The Treo 700w is EV-DO(Verizon’s hi-speed data network) compatible and offers very fast Internet access. Downloading email and browsing the web was by far the best I have seen on a Treo. It also allows you to multi-task while downloading email.

Despite a few missteps, Palm, Microsoft and Verizon have a delivered a winner in the Treo 700w. With the Microsoft OS and Office applications, this latest Treo is a no-brainer for corporate users looking for an alternative to the Blackberry. Existing Treo 650 owners will probably want to take a pass, as the Treo 650 holds its own against the Treo 700w in many respects, and will not support your existing Palm OS third party software. Iâ??d encourage new smartphone owners to try both and see which feels most comfortable. If you have questions, then visit the Everything Treo forums â?? a perfect place to solicit feedback from existing owners and ask questions.

The Palm Treo 700w retails for $299 (with 2-year contract) and is currently only available with Verizon Wireless service. It is available through Verizon Wireless retailers and through the Everything Treo Store.

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