Treo 750v To Release October 2nd

Treo 750v To Release October 2nd

September 26, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

It’s official, Vodafone will release the Palm Treo 750v smartphone on October 2nd.

Palm Treo 750

The Treo 750v will be available in the UK with prices ranging from free to 212.77. Vodafone is also accepting Treo 750v pre-orders.

The Palm Treo 750v features:

  • Easy-to-use, all-in-one smartphone with email, organiser, and web browser
  • Powerful Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with Palm enhancements
  • Mobile access to multiple business and personal email accounts
  • Integrated SMS/MMS with chat view and dedicated Inbox
  • Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile applications, plus PDF viewer
  • 3G/UMTS network for fast data access
  • Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for music and video
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Voice Command for voice dialing and Calendar access

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