Treo Alarm

Treo Alarm

If you are looking for a robust Treo alarm, there quite a few options. We’ll start with Treo Alarm. This software
offers an unique mix of an alarm and features a 5 day weather forecast. The software retails for $18.50. If you own a blog,
then you’ll want to check out our Treo Alarm discussion in the forums with a tip on how to receive a free license from the developer. Basically, if you post a review of the software in your blog, the developer will send you a free license key. Although a number of our readers have received the software for free, they did post very positive reviews of the features found in Treo Alarm.

Treo Alarm

Treo Alarm Options

Several manufacturers offer a variety of Treo alarm software. All of these titles are available as free trials through
our software store. Here’s a brief list along with features:

  • Central: Offers Super Alarms where you can set mulitple alarms across various days. It also allows you to set the ringtones for the specific alarm.
  • Treo Alarm

  • Palmary Clock: Simply the best looking clock you’ll come across, Palmary Clock (see our review) offers a number of alarm features for your Treo
  • Mega Clock: multifunctional clock/alarm/timer/stopwatch utility features 20 programmable alarm clocks with digital sound

As you can see, there are many choices when selecting and Alarm Clock for your Treo. Since most software titles offer free trials, you can test each to find what meets your needs.

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