Treo Hollywood

Treo Hollywood

Palm is rumored to be released the Treo Hollywood in 2006. Hollywood is expected to be a slimmer, sleek version of the Palm Treo. The most significant difference will be the removal of the “Treo antenna”. By removing the antenna and slimming the unit, the Hollywood Treo will be more suited to the fashion conscious – thus the code name Hollywood.

Treo Hollywood Pics

In the past few months, photos have appeared claiming to be the new Hollywood Treo. The latest Hollywood Treo photos show a black surface, no antenna and an obvious slim-line appearance.

Treo Hollywood

Treo Hollywood Running Windows Mobile 5

After Palm had announced the forthcoming release of three new Treo smartphones in 2006, there has been much speculation about the operating system that will run on the Treo Hollywood. If these are indeed the actual photos of a beta unit, the Treo Hollywood will be running Windows Mobile 5.0.

Palm Treo Hollywood

Cingular to get Hollywood Treo?

The individual who released these photos has apparently been testing the unit on the Cingular Wireless Network. No official word yet from Palm or Cingular on the release. For the latest Treo release news, please sign up for the Everything Treo eNewsletter.

Hollywood Treo pic

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