Treo Pro Review Mashup

As we predicted this morning, a flurry of Treo Pro reviews hit the wire this afternoon. Here’s a breakdown of what’s being said about Palm’s latest Treo.

In terms of design, performance and non-OS features, this is the best hardware Palm has ever made.Gizmodo  found the battery impressive offering “days of moderate usage between charges“.

If you’re looking for a Windows Mobile phone, I’d strongly consider the Treo Pro, as it has a good balance of design, features and performance for the user.” 

Crunchgear finds the Treo Pro “the best in Windows Mobile“, but cautioned that the hefty price tag could deter adoption. “The Treo for you if you are a business professional forced to use Windows Mobile and you travel quite a bit and hardware price is no object.


The screen on the Treo Pro is flush, but evidently it’s the digitizer which is flush and the screen is still recessed. Antoine Wright of Brighthand found  “this arrangement can be disorienting some times.” Wright found the Treo Pro to offer the best call quality of any phones he has used. He concludes that while the Treo Pro is “a fairly solid device”, it  lacks “the specialness that makes Palm devices is missing here and it feels more like a re-brand than a true Palm product.”

WMExperts Dieter Bohn takes issue with the Centro inspired keyboard on the Treo Pro saying, “It pains me to say it, though, the Treo Pro’s keyboard is the least ‘Pro’ part of the device“, rating it behind the Treo 800w , Motorola Q 9h and BlackBerry Bold . Bohn also found the Treo 800w to outpace the Treo Pro in every day use speed comparisons. Despite the drawbacks, he concludes, “The Treo Pro is easily Palm’s best Treo yet. It finally hits all of the feature checkmarks that users have been clamoring for and does it in a way that’s well-integrated with the hardware.

Palm has yet to provide a release date for the Treo Pro, but it’s expected to be priced at $550 unlocked. 


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