Treo Pro Suffering From Battery Issues?

There is a report from eWeek’s Andrew Garcia who has found troubling results with respect to talk time on the Treo Pro. According to Garcia, the Treo Pro “could only squeeze out about 2 hours and 40 minutes of talk time when connected at the faster rate on the AT&T network- significantly below the 5 hour rating Palm claims for the device on their specification sheets.

What’s more troubling is that Garcia has had this issue with not one, but two Treo Pro devices. Palm representatives have told Garcia they would never release a phone with battery performance that poor into today’s marketplace and point to other online Treo Pro reviews whereby battery life was not an issue. Our friends at WMExperts found the Treo Pro actually out shined the Treo 800w when it came to battery life, which is pretty significant given the size difference. In our tests, we did note that the Treo 800w battery life could be improved. We have yet to review the Treo Pro, so cannot comment either way on the findings.

Palm hasĀ  sent out an engineering team to eWeek’s offices to scan the environment and run tests on AT&T’s network. Palm engineers experienced “unusually high battery consumption” while in the lobby of eWeeks building. Garcia still awaits official word as to their findings, but promises to release his review later this week.

The Treo Pro started shipping last week, so let us know how you are faring with battery life and talk time. Submit your Treo Pro review and let us know how you feel about Palm’s latest effort.

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