If you are thinking about giving up your cellphone for a smartphone, then look no further than a
Treo smartphone from Palm. The Treo 650 features the latest and greatest smartphone technology. The Treo
family of smartphones have been around since 2002. The following is a history of Treo’s:

  • Treo 650: The latest Treo from Palm features Bluetooth, Hi-Resolution screen, fast processor and
    runs Palm OS 5. The Treo 650 is available through both GSM and CDMA wireless providers including Sprint, Verizon,
    and Cingular.
  • Treo 600: A very capable smartphone that allows you to check email, surf the web, send SMS messages and
    at the same time organize your life. The Treo 600 was released in both GSM and CDMA versions. The 600 was
    originally released by Handspring which is now owned by Palm.
  • Treo 300: Released exclusively on the Sprint network, the Treo 300 featured an attractive silver flip-top
    and color screen.
  • Treo 270: This Treo was GSM only and featured a color screen. It was available through T-Mobile and
    other GSM wireless providers.
  • Treo 180/Treo 180G: The original Treo smartphone came in two versions. The Treo 180G was the last
    Treo to offer a Graffiti only. In order to use graffiti on current Treo’s you must use 3rd party software
    such as MobileWrite.
  • Treo 90: The only Treo to not feature wireless functionality, but the first to feature a color screen.

Treo 700 Release

If you like the Treo, but prefer Windows Mobile OS, then you won’t have to wait much longer. Palm
recently announced the forthcoming Treo 700w. The new Treo will run Windows Mobile 5.0 and will
be available in early 2006.

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