Vaja Crystal 700 Case

A Vaja Valentine

February 3, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm is offering the Crystal Vaja iVolution 700w case featuring Swarovski crystals and limited edition
heart limited edition heart cutout LED protector.

Vaja Treo 700 Crystal Case

The Crystal line is a Vaja iVolution leather case that features hand-encrusted Swarovski crystals. This is certainly not
your average case. Each case requires at least 10 hours of workmanship,
finished by a jeweler who sets each crystal individually. Detailed with sterling silver strap accents,
each case comes with a matching, soft leather bag. It won’t be long before we see Paris Hilton carrying one.

Treo 700 Swarovski Crystal Case

Ultimate luxury for your Treo 700 does come at a price. The Vaja Crystal cases retail for $299 and are only
available for the Treo 700. For more information, please visit Palm.

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