Verizon Drops Rebates on Pre Plus, Pixi Plus, Amazon Drops Price

You can question Verizon’s lackluster launch and marketing campaign, but you cannot fault them when it comes to pricing. They have offered BOGO (buy one, get one free) and now they’ve removed the pesky mail-in rebate. As many of you  know, you can always bypass the mail-in rebate by shopping phones at Best Buy. Starting today, you visit any Verizon Wireless retail location or online and purchase the Palm Pre Plus for $149.99 or the Palm Pixi for $79.99. Additionally, these are still eligible for BOGO.


If you are looking for just one, Amazon has got the Palm Pre Plus for $69.99. UPDATE: The Palm Pre Plus is now an incredibly low $39.99. No mail-in rebate required.  The Palm Pixi Plus will run you a penny. Yes, the Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon Wireless is available for a shiny penny.

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