Verizon No Longer Interested in Palm Pre

According to a report on the, Verizon has decided to pass on the Palm Pre. Most had the Palm Pre coming to Verizon as early as January, with Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam even on record as saying the wireless carrier would be carrying Palm’s webOS device in January. Sources close to the discussions say Verizon has decided not to support the Pre.


Why the change of heart? Sources say it’s a number of factors. Apparently it’s partly due to Palm’s reluctance to feature Verizon’s VCast applications, which conflicts with Palm’s App Catalog. Although Palm hasn’t announced the number of Palm Pre devices that have been sold through Sprint, reports of lukewarm sales could also be to blame.

If Verizon decided to pass on the Palm Pre, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are passing on webOS devices. No comment from either Palm or Verizon.


  1. unnamed sources smell like either market manipulation on the part of Street’s short holders, OR a badly executed VZ ploy to force a better deal out of Palm.

  2. And this morning, Friday the 25th, analysts are voicing (as I predicted) strong doubts about the sources of this rumor.
    Stocks back up and lets all focus on spreading the word about the facts behind Pre’s strength.

  3. Palm classically makes very good decisions about which phones they use. For example, when they were offered the iPhone on a silver platter but they didn’t want it because it didn’t exactly agree with their business model. Frankly, I’d be surprised if they ever get an exciting phone on their network.

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