Verizon Still Might Want Palm Pre

Yesterday’s report that Verizon was not interested in the Palm Pre has received a fair share of criticism from analysts who cover Palm. Jonathan Goldberg of Deutsche Bank called it “off base.” In a research note released this morning, Goldberg wrote:


We believe the press reports late Thursday afternoon that Verizon would not launch the Palm Pre are incorrect,” Goldberg wrote. “Our checks continue to point to healthy carrier demand for the Pre early in calendar 2010. We believe Palm has placed orders with the supply chain for another version of the Pre with features highly consistent with a Verizon launch.”

Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan & Co also weighed in with a research note that directly conflicts with yesterday’s report.

“Palm reiterated its FY2010 guidance, which we believe REQUIRES a launch at Verizon (you just can’t get there with just Sprint and AT&T),” he wrote. “Verizon has carried just about every Palm product in its history, and the Pre is clearly the best. We do not have insight as to the marketing support Palm will get from Verizon, but we see little risk in not getting a placement at this carrier. The timing of the rumor post-deal makes it equally as dubious as the timing of the ‘Nokia will buy Palm’ rumor during the roadshow.”

McCourt still believes Verizon customers will see the Palm Pre early next year, possibly in February.

Outside of yesterday’s story, we haven’t heard anything from There are plenty of analysts and unnamed sources, but nothing that makes us believe either way. If you’re waiting, hoping for Verizon to get the Pre, don’t give up that hope just yet. It’s still unclear, but the outlook is not as dreary as it was yesterday.

Editorial note: Even if Verizon does not pick up the Palm Pre, it’s still quite possible they will carry a new webOS device. This could mean either the Palm Pixi or perhaps a device that hasn’t been announced yet. Palm’s commitment is to offering a wide array of webOS devices across a number of carriers. Verizon might pass on the Pre, but that doesn’t guarantee they are passing on Palm.

[Engadget via All Things D]


  1. Maybe the C-40 or…..?

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