webOS 1.3.2 Released for Palm Pixi

Yesterday saw rumors of webOS 1.3.5 and today we get word that some Palm Pixi owners are receiving webOS Update 1.3.2. It’s not clear what’s included in the update, as Palm has yet to update their changelog or acknowledge the update on their site. Based on the small incremental bump from .1 to .2, we’re thinking it fixes some sort of bug. While Palm Pixi owners are seeing update, it doesn’t appear to be headed for Palm Pre devices.


Own a Palm Pixi and receive the update? Let us know if you are seeing anything new and improved in webOS 1.3.2.

[via PreCentral]


  1. I own a pixi and according to the PALM/support wedsite, this update only fixes the ability to adjust volume more easily on headsets…

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