webOS 1.3.5 Coming Today?

Palm confirmed they will be highlighting webOS 1.3.5 at CES next year, but it looks as if it might be released as early as today. According to Sprint’s site, a December 28th is the release date for webOS 1.3.5. Nothing from Palm yet, but this seems to be a sign that it’s coming sometime today. Let us know if you are greeted with a webOS 1.3.5 OTA update today.

What can you expect from webOS 1.3.5:

  • Improvement in battery life optimization when in marginal coverage areas.
  • QCELP capability fix to allow play and audio of video sent via MMS.
  • Launch Google Maps or Sprint Nav when tapping an address from contacts.
  • Minimized package of MR size through binary difference. Customers can now download over 2G connections if necessary.

[via Engadget]


  1. 12:18 p.m., no update yet in Central Florida…

  2. No update in North Georgia either. I read on engadget some saying voice dialing was in.

  3. pretty much all the other updates came out at night.. like 8pm or later.

    That being said, I’m still refreshing the “updates” app every hour.

  4. silvercat62 says:

    I’m updating now, I went to updates and downloaded it that way. Started about 7:45pm CST

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