webOS 1.4.5 Coming Soon, Possible Delay for AT&T Users

We’re a bit behind on this one, but in case you haven’t heard, webOS 1.4.5 is coming real soon.┬áThe big news for Palm Pixi owners will be the ability to play PDK (Plug-in Development Kit) games, so now you’ll have access to all the great 3D games that were previously available only for the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus. We expect a steady flow of PDK games hitting the App Catalgo when the second Hot Apps contest launches July 1st.

Carrier testing for webOS 1.4.5 is almost finished, with one carrier needing a minor bug fix. AT&T is reportedly pushing back on releasing the update so soon after the launch of webOS devices on their network. To us, this makes absolutely no sense. The beauty of webOS is the ability to push OTA (over-the-air) updates that result in a more stable phone and often new features. If you purchased a Palm Pixi Plus from AT&T, then you’ll want this update for the 3D gaming.

The new release of webOS will be the last major update before a major update in the fall.

Source: PreCentral

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