webOS 2.0 Coming in 2011?

Most of us expected that webOS 2.0 would be available by the end of 2010 for current devices. That’s looking more and more unlikely as we hit the mid-point of December. Even if it’s released to carriers, we all know the delays in getting even minor updates out the door. One has to wonder if webOS 2.0 is ready for prime time? Outside of a small group of developers who received a free Pre 2 for attending Palm’s recent developer conference, the only way to secure Palm’s new Pre 2 in the US is to purchase an unlocked model for $450. Maybe troubles with webOS 2.0 are the reason for the delay of the Verizon Palm Pre 2?

PreCentral notes that O2 Germany’s Twitter account indicates that webOS 2.0 won’t hit devices until Q1.

We hoped that Palm’s vague release date of “coming months” was simply a ploy to over deliver. That doesn’t appear to be the case and now we’re left waiting. What’s more, we’ve yet to see webOS 2.0 running on a device other than the Palm Pre 2. webOS 1.4.5 runs slow on an non-patched Palm Pre Plus. Will the new OS resolve the speed issues that plague all of the current generation devices? I guess we’ll find out in Q1.

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