What Do You Want In the Palm Pre Plus?

Next week, we expect Jon Rubinstein to take the stage at CES and announce the follow-up to the Palm Pre, likely the Palm Pre Plus available on Verizon Wireless. So the question we’re asking is, “What are you expecting from the Plus?” Will it simply be a bump in storage capacity? Will they take a page from Apple’s playbook and differentiate by offering video capabilities? Of course, the iPhone 3GS did have a spec bump in addition to offering video recording, something Palm could certainly do with the Pre Plus.


What’s on our wish list for the Palm Pre Plus?

  • Glass screen
  • Refinements abound. Read: Less plastic, more solid feeling device
  • Video recording
  • 16GB of storage
  • Improve camera quality. We’re not as concerned with megapixels as we are with the optics.

This would be a device worthy of the ‘Plus’ moniker. What are you hoping, wishing for from the Palm Pre Plus? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Forums.


  1. I bought my Pre in April and for the money, I plan to use it until the functioning gets dicey, and I won’t pay more that I did for any phone in the future unless it either has video recording, longer battery life, a card reader, or a better native or free Twitter app. I actually would like to be able to add my friends twitter names to their contact profiles and get their tweets in the same streams as their IMs and texts. I would like their facebook statuses to work the same way.

  2. I will be highly disappointed if Verizon releases a PPPlus and Sprint does not! I had heard that my Pre would someday have Video capability. I’m still waiting. I would like to see a discount of some kind for the people who waiting in line to get the Pre on opening day if the a PPPlus comes out. That would be my wish!

  3. I agree with @Aethan that the people (such as me) who waited in line opening day should get some sort of upgrade voucher in the mail. I will be very disappointed in Palm if it starts acting like Apple by just rolling out consecutively barely better products to get their users to keep buying each new thing. I love Palm so much because they actually seemed to care about their customers.

    Please don’t move on from the Palm Pre, instead keep upgrading it and please make it what we were initially promised. Once Flash hits the Pre, apps will be booming.

    Some people might not like the plastic body and screen to the Pre, but it’s so much lighter feeling than a droid or other all metal/glass phone. If you’re worried about it breaking, just don’t throw it around! It can still handle everyday pocket/purse jumbles.

  4. In Switzerland only expensive unlocked Palm Pre’s are sold at some online shops. So if a Palm Pre (Plus) would arrive here some day (please Palm!!) I would wish it to improve the hardware issues (esp. better battery life) + syncing with a desktop PC software(something like Palm Desktop or Outlook or thunderbird). Best wishes for Palm in 2010!

  5. i’ve been sitting waiting for my current phone contract to be up and as of feb 2nd i’m free to grab a pre, but being that i’m in the uk i’ll no doubt have to wait till september at the earliest to get a pre plus. what i would really like is for companies to release products at the same time across the world, or at least in the same month.
    as for new spec, video seems a good idea, as does a stronger slide mech. the only other thing i could ask for would be flash. this would be enough to make the pre the super phone it really is.

  6. Strong new hardware device with more storage capacity, 1Ghz speed and once for all a bigger screen display.
    Dual phone CDMA/GSM.
    4G with the availability to work with Wimax/LTE networks.
    DTG editable.
    Flash Player Adobe.
    Open GL.
    Better Facebook App.

    Software Webos is the best ***** smooth jazz OS I have ever seen.

  7. I wish that no new Pre is shown, because they should put all power into upgrading the existing Pre via software.

  8. Definately NO to the glass screen. Every third iphone I see has a shattered screen–one drop and it’s done for. But for some reason apple has people convinced that it is acceptable.

  9. I want to see a bigger battery and a better slider (personally I’d like to see Palm release a phone without a physical keyboard – something I never thought I’d say) that doesn’t bind or wiggle around. I’d also like to see them make the buttons stick out just a hair more. I sometimes find it hard to hit the power button to lock/unlock the screen. Ditto for the volume buttons. When I’m talking (or just not looking) I find it hard to find which volume rocker I’m hitting. And the home key, same thing. I’m only talking fractions of an inch, but I think they’d make a world of difference.

    On the software side, I want to see some video and audio recording. I want to see more than three pages in the launcher (and I’d LOVE to have the option to lock the apps to the screen so I didn’t have to scroll up and down as well as side to side – more like the iPhone in this regard). Flash support is a given, but we already know that’s coming. I’d like to see twitter updates sent as a notification (maybe, though that could get way annoying) and while I’m at it, let me change the notification tones. I have an app from fileCoaster that lets me change text tones, but I want a native app for all notifications. Having the same tone for all texts, emails, battery warnings, etc ain’t cutting it. That’s all I can think of right now.

  10. here we go:

    * Higher resolution screen (WVGA/WVGA+), preferably AMOLED, preferably making the whole device a bit bigger
    * MicroSD slot
    * Battery life – c’mooon….
    * Scrollbars on the lists/Cards etc. – currently there’s no way to know how far are we to the end of the reading/web page etc. – c’mon!
    * System-wide (!!!!!) select/copy commands – not ad-hoc, patchy functionality added here and there in the apps(like Browser/SMS etc.), it is an absolute MUST to have it implemented consistently in the system itself – c’mon!!
    * Today/Home screen – c’mon!!!
    * Hardware cursor buttons – that finger-twisting orange button/tap&swipe “functionality” is soooo annoying, and next to useless, sometimes I prefer to delete the whole freckin’ word instead of trying to place cursor in the right place and correct one mistaken letter – c’mon!!!!!
    * Google maps – favorites & bookmarks – c’moooon!!
    * USB/Wireless STANDALONE Outlook sync – like it or not, most people use Outlook as a PIM, and they WANT to (and often MUST) continue doing this!
    * System-wide, Universal Search-integrated CATEGORIES (contacts, calendar entries, bookmarks, files/documents, group SMSes/IMs/Emails)
    * Multi-item actions in Email app (and multi-select in lists in general) – I don’t want to strain my fingers to quickly delete 20 emails, or move them to designated folder – c’mon!!!!
    * Speed Dial shorcuts – add the option to send SMS/IM after contact has been displayed after pressing Speed Dial – (separate icon for call/SMS/IM(+ maybe email) )
    * Native WebOS API released ASAP, this web app stuff is nice, what’s the point of having the hardware capable of doing great stuff, and support only the apps that could be run on any crap of a device (“web terminal” type of device, in fact)?

    Nice to-haves:
    * Camera lens cover w/automatic camera app starting when opened (actually it sits between Must-haves and nice-to haves, it is important to have your lens protected, otherwise it gets so dirty in no time, that it affects picture quality)
    * better way of organizing SMS/IMs synergy into topics – but CATEGORIES mentioned earlier would come in handy here

    In general – Pre + WebOS combo is really cool and given the early adopter stage for the WebOS I can forgive a lot, but these shall be all addressed if Palm really wants to have a KILLER device (and it seems to me that Palm really NEEDS to have a killer device…), as it stands now, it is an “overall very strong, but…” type of device, and many will be disappointed after initial “Wow” moment. And there is only so much early adopters willing to jump into something new & cool just because it has a potential.

    This potential has to be materialized for the mainstream users to catch in.


  11. …oh, and another small thing: Launcher icon should be possible to be replaced on the Quick Launch bar, as any other icon – we do not need duplicated functionality (swipe up gesture) occupying oh-so-precious space in the Launch Bar, that could be utilized better to one’s likings.


  12. Expected more than a simple bump in storage. Wanted better still cam and really wanted video!

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