What do you want in webOS 2.0?

Palm is expected to release webOS 1.4.5 shortly, but for many the big update will be webOS 2.0. Little is known about what’s included in the update and we’re not certain it will land this year. With CES in early January, webOS 2.0 coupled with new hardware would certainly make a big splash. As for me, it’s time to revisit the launcher. With the expanding selections in the App Catalog, it’s getting more and more difficult to organize apps. Dare I say, but borrowing folders from iOS would be a good start or perhaps using tabs. Regardless of what features you’d like to see in webOS 2.0, one thing we can all agree upon is speed.

New hardware aside, what do you want to see in webOS 2.0? Folders, widgets, HD Video? Sound off in the comments.

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