WiFi Capable Palm Pixi Clears FCC, Heading for Verizon

The FCC is always good for an advance look of what’s coming down the pike and Engadget managed to find an application for a CDMA/EVDO Palm Pixi with WiFi. The model number is P121EWW, a number seen in previous leaks. No word on whether there are any other significant changes.


With a Verizon Palm Pixi toting WiFi on the way, you have to wonder why Sprint/Palm didn’t include WiFi on current model? How will this news affect existing Palm Pixi sales? If Verizon is still planning on releasing the Pre, is there enough differentiation between a WiFi Palm Pixi and the Pre?


  1. I have a Palm Pre and I’ve been intentionally NOT buying a Pixi because it doesn’t have WiFi. Add WiFi and I’ll buy one immediately. Sprint made a rookie mistake by leaving it out, obviously clueless about their target demographic.

  2. Sprint didn’t make a rookie mistake, they were trying to not cripple the Pre sales. They (and other companies) make this mistake all the time.

    It’s all about market differentiation. Unfortunately, people might realize the pixi is not for them too late. Right now, the speed of the Pre is really frustrating to me. I don’t like having to wait 3-5 seconds for my unlock keypad screen to show up after I pull my pre off the touchstone.

    Performance has been all too sporadic lately that I’m questioning if Palm can even last until my next phone upgrade in 1.5yrs. Android is moving fast now that they’ve hit 2.0.

  3. laughinatsprint says:

    they should have put wifi on the pixie then both phones would sale equally or more. sprint sucks anyways.lol

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