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Everything Treo has been a leading resource for Treo software, discussion, news and reviews since March of 2002. We started our coverage with the Treo 180 and have followed Palm through the announcement of webOS. Following the announcement at CES in 2009, we launched EverythingPre, a site dedicated to Palm smartphones. We are committed to providing you with the absolute best coverage of the Palm webOS devices. Everything Pre is owned and operated by Smartphone Resource, Inc.

Our Staff

Senior Editor: Christopher Meinck

Christopher has been a Palm Treo user since 2002 and also the President of Smartphone Resource Inc. He graduated with an MBA in Marketing from St.John’s University. When not writing reviews or editorials for Everything Treo, he works as a consultant in New York City.

Contact: chris at everythingwebos.com

Public Relations Director: Jill Janson

Jill graduated valedictorian from the State University at Old Westbury and currently handles Public Relations for Smart Phone Resource, Inc. She has represented clients in a wide spectrum of industries both in the US and abroad.

Contact: jill at everythingicafe.com

Editor: Marianne Schultz

Marianne has her hand on the pulse of all things smartphones. When not writing for other tech sites on the Interwebs, she lends a hand here at everythingwebos.com.

Contact: marianne at everythingicafe.com

Writer: Michael Ferrerya

Michael has most every smartphone, so he brings a view from other perspectives. He is also a big Palm user since the early days and the Treo series has always been near and dear to him. It’s all about one-handed use is Michael’s motto.

Our Palm Accessory Store

The Everything Pre Store is powered by Smartphone Experts, which started operations in October 2003 just in time for the launch of the highly acclaimed Treo 600 Smartphone. We have since shipped over ninety thousand orders to satisfied customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing excellent sales and customer service.

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