Adobe Demos Flash on Palm Pre at MWC

Adobe is using Mobile World Congress to showcase Flash on a variety of mobile platforms, most notably the Palm Pre. We are anticipating the release of webOS 1.4, which will support Flash, but will require a plug-in that will be available for download from the App Catalog. It’s unclear when the required Flash plug-in will be available once Palm webOS 1.4 hits. So, how does Flash perform on the Palm Pre? What can you expect? Sashca Segan of PC Magazine writes,

“The implementation runs both video and games, and once the video or game is running, it runs smoothly – but getting there felt sluggish. The Palm presenter blamed it on a very slow Internet connection. But Flash on the Nexus One definitely loaded more quickly and felt snappier.”

Segan goes on to write that we could be “potentially several months from this Flash implementation going live”. Perhaps our thinking that we’d see Flash on the Palm Pre in February was off base. Stay tuned.

[via Gearlog]


  1. Perhaps sluggish because that’s exactly what Web OS feels like. I think once Web OS gets a boost in performance, I will be a lot happier. Not complainin’, just sayin’

  2. no way! I was really looking forward to flash this month :(

  3. “Going live” could very well mean coming out of beta, which would go along with other accounts that it could be months before a non-beta version of mobile Flash is released.

    That doesn’t mean we won’t get the beta this month (which wasn’t promised), or otherwise “soon” (which is all that Palm said at CES).

  4. A better processor with at least 1Ghz?

  5. Nexus One has an Snapdragon 1Ghz and Palm Pre Plus has the OMAP4 500 mhz, I’m not sure. Nexus has better hardware

  6. I believe Adobe Flash Player 10.1 has been announced as a beta for the first half of 2010. So I assume, they’ll have a beta version available for Palm with the availability of webOS 1.4. It’s tough when the OS and the Player is constantly changing and updating.

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