Analyst Eightball: New Palm Products Due Late Next Year

Tim over at EverythingiCafe has created Analyst Eightball, a feature we’re borrowing for EverythingPre. From time to time, we’ll look at what anlaysts are saying about Palm and bring it to you, our readers. Given their predictions in the past, some of it might happen, some might not. Later today, Palm will announce their financial results and as you’d suspect, analyst are making predictions about the results and possible new devices for Palm.


Based upon channel checks, Piper Jaffray analysts believe Palm sold at least 600k webOS devices (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi) in the quarter. Palm has yet to disclose the number of webOS devices sold, but we are hoping to get actual numbers from the company later today. Piper Jaffray analysts expect Verizon to launch webOS devices in February, with a second large North American carrier to also deliver Palm phones in the first half of 2010. AT&T? It’s not clear if we’ll see the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi or both. They view the Palm Pixi as the driver and the key to ramping up volume of webOS devices. Clearly, at the price point of the Pixi, this makes perfect sense. With the Verizon Palm Pixi sporting WiFi, one has to wonder if big red will ship both webOS devices. The lines of differentiation between the two products is starting to blur.

New devices are expected in the second half of 2010. With CES 2010 starting on January 7th, will Palm use the big stage to make yet another big announcement?


  1. how about palm release a faster more reliable WebOS? I know I’m hitting early adopter issues, but the hardware is powerful, fix the speed. It’s starting to really irk me that it takes almost 30 seconds sometimes to start a call, depending on what I’m doing at the time.

  2. I got that feeling for a new webos devices announcements starting this upcoming CES 2010 Jan 7th and launches mid 2010. The competence that once was for 2 brands Palm and BB are now of 5.

  3. I think Palm has to announce something big at CES like a new device or major update to WebOS or risk losing their momentum.

    Let’s hope Palm can deliver something big.

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