Analyst Eightball: Palm AT&T Launch Delayed?

According to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, Palm’s oft-rumored launch on AT&T is being pushed back from April until June or July. Analysts are often incorrect, but to his credit, Misek was first to provide warnings about weak sales on Verizon. Misek claims his “recently learned” information regarding the launch “is more than just an ordinary delay, as AT&T cited a long list of technical issues” with the phones. The news gets worse as Misek reports AT&T has decreased their initial order size and “decided to sharply reduce its marketing budget for the launch“.


Palm, nor AT&T have indicated a release date for any webOS phones. For all we know, June or July has always been the timeline for release. If so, this timeline falls right in line with what is normally Apple’s yearly update of the iPhone.

via PalmInfoCenter

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