Analyst Predicts Bright Future for Palm

Vivek Arya, an analyst for Bank of America, issued a research note today suggesting that Palm was poised for growth in 2010. Arya believes the Palm Pixi will be another catalyst to Palm’s comeback and next year’s arrival of webOS devices on Verizon (and other tier 1 networks) will help the company rebound.


Despite increasing smartphone competition, Palm can maintain differentiation and remains well-positioned to launch its products with multiple new Tier-1 carriers in early 2010 by which time it should have a robust apps catalog,” Arya wrote. “While we expect the stock to remain volatile, the recent sell-off creates an interesting buying opportunity, in our opinion, for a company with an attractive platform, selling into a high-growth market, and at a compelling valuation.”

Arya points to the growing App Catalog and Palm’s new URL application distribution that will see more developers being attracted to webOS.

[via All Things D]


  1. Great news I see an excellent panorama for Palm webos devices for 2010 Europe have had an enormous response for Pre. Pixi will has too. I would be more happy if more USA customers bring more enthusiasm for Palm products. Could be wrong, but thats what I have read and seen.

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