Bell Eliminates 1, 2 year contracts on Palm Pre

Outside of Verizon Wireless, Bell in Canada is another carrier that seems to have consistent changes in pricing on the Palm Pre. With the Palm Pre already being available for $0.00, the wireless provider has now removed 1 and 2 year contract options. That leaves customers with the option of a getting the Palm Pre for free with a 3-year contract or buying it contract free for $295. The latter seems like a better option, but we’re thinking most consumers shop device price as the key purchasing factor as opposed to the price of the contract. Either way, Bell has great options for our neighbors up north.


Mobile Syrup via Akitayo


  1. Stephen says:

    “The latter seems like a better option”
    Wrong. Your logic that the device cost is more important to the consumer than the plan cost doesn’t take into account the fact that you get $10/month off for the entire 3 year term when you sign a three year agreement. Thus if you get the three year contract, you not only get the pre for free, you also have the ability to get a smartphone plan with a base of $40/month. No other Canadian mobility company offers such a deal, which is only valid for this phone.

  2. Actually, I think plan cost is more important, but consumers typically shop based on device price. If the plan is a great deal, then by all means go for the free device.

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