Blue Nomad Releases BackupBuddy.Net Professional for Palm Treo Smartphones

Blue Nomad Releases BackupBuddy.Net Professional for Palm Treo Smartphones

August 23, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Blue Nomad today announced the immediate availability of BackupBuddy.Net Professional for Palm Treo smartphones, including the recently announced Treo 700p. BackupBuddy.Net Professional allows users of Palm OS-based Treos to wirelessly backup and restore their entire Treo, including all third-party applications and data, over the Internet.

Features of BackupBuddy.Net Professional have been built around the need for speed and robust security. It offers high compression and end-to-end (AES) encryption of all user-data, which is also stored in an encrypted form on the server. In addition, it is fully customizable, allowing users to select exactly which files they want to backup and restore as well as featuring several scheduling options.

With its support for Trickle Backup, BackupBuddy.Net is able to work even when a users Treo is in “asleep.” Trickle Backup allows BackupBuddy.Net to transparently and continuously backup a user’s files when the Treo is inactive. Trickle Backup does not interfere with the day-to-day use of the Treo and has an insignificant impact on battery life.

“BackupBuddy.Net represents the culmination of our many years experience writing Palm OS backup software and we believe it is the most user-friendly and robust backup solution available for the Palm OS Treo platform,” said Alexis S. Hinds, CEO of Blue Nomad. “Treo users can now really not worry about theft of a device and its memory card, a damaged device or an errant program. By using BackupBuddy.Net Professional and its Trickle feature they can effortlessly restore all their devices data in moments, whether on the original or a replacement device.”

“This is wonderful news for owners of Treo smartphones,” said Larry Berkin, Senior Director, Developer Marketing for PalmSource, Inc, an ACCESS Company. “The Palm OS platform continues to provide leading mobile developers like Blue Nomad a fantastic opportunity to bring both personal and professional applications to millions of application-hungry Treo users.” Professional is available in the Everything Treo Software Store.

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