Cardo Scala 700

The Scala-700 headset offers the best of all worlds: light-weight and stylish, yet feature-rich and user friendly. It includes all of the advanced features one would expect in a Bluetooth headset, such as voice dial and re-dial, call waiting, conference calling, call reject, and wind and noise reduction, plus unique features that set it apart from other headsets.

  • It has “Multi-Pairing” capability-allowing users to easily switch the headset’s connection between paired mobile phones at the touch of a button.
  • It’s Location Buzzer is a great feature. Pressing a button on your Treo will activate the locater, which initiates a series of audible tones from the headset until it has been found.
  • The Scala-700 has charging status LEDS that, with a press of a button, instantly displays whether it’s fully charged (blue), half charged (blue and red) or in immediate need for recharging (red).
  • The Scala-700 not only delivers a rich feature set, but offers extremely clear audio, even under windy or noisy background conditions. The device’s six-level volume range, speaker booster and echo-cancellation technology further enhance the headset’s superb audio quality.
  • Includes a soft carrying pouch with an attached elastic belt loop.

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