HP Pre 3 Not Coming To Sprint

Since the launch of the original Palm Pre back in June of 2009, there haven’t been any new webOS devices on Sprint. Anyone who was with Palm at the start of webOS has buzzed through their 2 year committment, desperate for a webOS phone of any kind. Many hoped that Sprint would get back on board with the HP Pre 3. That’s not the case according to This Is My Next. They claim a trusted source within Sprint  saying that the HP Pre 3 is not coming to Sprint and there are no plans for any future webOS device.

HP Pre 3

Sprint has become cozy with Android phones, but many webOS faithful were hopeful they would jump back in the game with the HP Pre 3. If TIMN sources are correct, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This report also jibes with the leaked Sprint roadmap, which didn’t have any webOS devices listed.

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HP Pre 3 Shows Up On UK website with July 8th release date

There is still no official release date for the HP Pre 3, so we grasp to anything that might provide us with a clue. Play.com, in the UK, has a pre-order page that indicates the HP Pre 3 will be “due for release on July 8th”. This certainly sounds plausible, making it roughly one week after the TouchPad launch. Don’t etch it in stone just yet, but it certainly is nice to see the words release, Pre 3 and Buy on the same page.

HP Pre 3 unlocked

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Sprint’s Palm Pre Exclusive Through 2009

While it’s been well known that Sprint has an exclusive on Palm’s Pre handset, it hasn’t been very clear as to the length of the exclusivity. According to a Reuter’s source who asked not to be named, Sprint’s exclusive on the Pre lasts throughout 2009. The source would not comment on 2010.

While not exactly a shocking announcement, this confirms that US residents wanting a Pre this year will have to look to Sprint Wireless. Those hoping for a Verizon Palm Pre or even a GSM version for AT&T, will have to look to 2010.

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Palm Talks Pre, End of Palm OS

In a discussion with investors, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan spoke about plans for the upcoming Palm Pre and signaled the end of the Palm OS. The current Centro model running Palm OS could be released on other carriers, but there will not be new devices running the legacy OS. Palm instead will focus their efforts on webOS and Windows Mobile. With the Pre running webOS, Treo devices being exclusively Windows Mobile, that leaves a question mark for the future of the Centro line. There has been speculation of webOS based Centro devices and that certainly appears to be possible in the future.

As for the Palm Pre, the Sprint exclusivity will carry through 2009 and Palm will look at other carriers in 2010.  The Palm App Catalog will not be the only method to add apps to your Palm Pre. The Palm Pre will support adding applications that did not originate in the Palm App Catalog. Colligan also mentioned that Epocrates was one of the key applications that he expects will be available at launch.

As for a timetable for release, that’s still the first half of 09′. To get Everything Pre coverage, please follow us on Twitter.

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Palm Product Manager Talks Pre Accessories

Palm has updated their blog today with a profile on Adam Kaufman, Product Manager for Palm Pre accessories including the new Touchstone inductive dock. You’ll be surprised to find out that electric toothbrushes were the inspiration behind the new dock. It seems there are no metal contacts on the bottom of electric toothbrushes, yet they charge without a problem. To coin a phrase from Cupertino, this is a perfect example of a company thinking differently about their products. "If you can do that with a toothbrush, why not a phone".

The Palm Touchstone will be a must have Pre accessory. Not only for the cool factor, but for it’s ease of use.  It should be interesting to see what other Pre accessories Palm has in store for us? What Pre accessories would you like to see developed? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Pre Accessory forum.


Pandora Bets On Palm Pre

At the 2009 AlwaysOn OnMedia conference yesterday, Pandora founder Tim Westergren spoke about software development on mobile platforms and indicated that betting on a single "hero" platform could be the way to go. That platform for Westergren is webOS and the phone is the Palm Pre.

As a company we’re always thinking what’s the next iPhone? And that’s where we’re gonna put our resources. So we’ve come out and said, we’re gonna put a bet on Palm Pre,” said Westergren.

Pandora’s team has been testing and developing on the device and thinks it has mass market appeal. 

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Rumored Palm Pre Release Dates

Palm and Sprint have not released an official release date for the Palm Pre. Combine that with the most anticipated handset of the year (to this point) and you have a rush of rumors regarding a potential release date. Today’s rumor du jour is a March release date based on Sprint document unveiled at BGR. The in-stock date for the Palm Pre is listed as March 15th.

There is also speculation of a late May release, with the Palm Pre replacing the Palm Treo 755p. Net: We do not have an official release date, but May appears to be a safe bet. Apple is rumored to be releasing a new iPhone in June, so Palm would effectively steal Cupertino’s thunder with a May release of the Palm Pre. Stay tuned to Everything Treo (and our soon to be announced Pre website) for complete coverage.

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Palm Pre Price Rumored To Be $150

Today has been marked with rumored release dates for the Palm Pre that include February, March, May and June. People are excited for the Pre, but clearly you cannot trust any of the these dates. Another big question is the price of the Palm Pre. According to CNET, a Sprint customer service representative was quoted as saying the MSRP would be $549, but the price would be $150 after rebate with a 2-year contract. For now, we’re classifying this information as rumor or simply a misinformed customer service rep. Once we get concrete official information, we’ll of course pass it along.

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Palm Runs The Table Winning CNET Best of CES Awards

People inside the smartphone space have been excited about Palm’s webOS and the Palm Pre. To cap off CES, Palm was awarded three coveted CNET Best of CES Awards. The Best of CES Awards represent the "cream of the crop" and there are thousands of products who strive to win these awards. Palm won three awards, the most notable being "Best in Show Award", given to the company whose product is the best overall product at the show.  They leave CES with Best Cellphone/Smartphone and the People’s Voice award, decided by over 10,000 CNET readers. 

The webOS is a revolutionary OS and the Palm Pre is a shining example of a how software and hardware should work together seamlessly. Stay tuned for ongoing Palm Pre coverage.

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Palm CES Event Video Now Available

Palm has posted the complete presentation of the Palm Pre event at CES 2009. The Pre announcement was a great event and worth watching to hear the story behind the new management team, webOS and the Palm Pre.