Palm Pre Hands On Video Part I

The following is part one of an ongoing series of Palm Pre videos. In this video, you’ll see "cards" on the Palm Pre. The webOS supports multi-tasking. Pressing the home button on the Pre will reveal all your open applications in "cards". You can keep these open and they are actually live. For example, you can have a video playing in one card and then move to another card that has a browser working. Multiple cards did not slow down or hinder the performance of the Palm Pre in any way. Cards on the Palm Pre were one of the more innovative features of webOS. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage of the Palm Pre. Plenty more hands on videos of the device in action and first impressions. Please feel free to ask questions about the Palm Pre in our Palm Pre forums. Not a member? Register today.

Palm Pre Hands On Video Part II: Hardware Preview

Peter Skillman, VP of Industrial Design for Palm, walks through the elements of hardware design on the Palm Pre. From the hardware to the packaging, Palm’s mantra with the Pre was "no detail is too small". Speaking of the packaging, the Palm Pre packaging is similar to the Treo Pro. Like the Palm Pre, it’s small and it’s "green". Skillman also demos the Touchstone accessory that allows you to charge the Palm Pre without having to plug it in. Simply drop the Palm Pre on the Touchstone and it starts charging.

Palm Pre Hands On Video Part III: Notifcations and Dashboard

In the third installment of our Palm Pre hands on video, you’ll see a demonstration of how the Palm Pre handles notifications. Rather than interrupt your current workflow, the Palm Pre alerts you at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to dismiss, snooze or act on the notification. This is a great example of "cards" and how the Pre allows you to work between applications on the Pre desktop. This is the closest we’ve seen of desktop productivity on a mobile device.

As a side note, I owe a thank you to the Palm staff who were tremendously gracious when it came to providing demos and answering a million questions regarding the new webOS platform and the Pre.

Palm Introduces Pre Smartphone

Palm today announced the new Pre smartphone. The Pre "thinks for you". The new Pre will released on Sprint Wireless during the first half of 2009. As rumored, the Pre features a slide out keyboard combined with a capacitive touch screen similar to the iPhone. The Pre appears by all counts to be the first legitimate competitor for those looking for iPhone-like features. Pricing was not available at lauch. Stay tuned for complete coverage of the Pre here at We’ve set up a Pre forum for discussion. Not a member, today would be a great day to join.

Sprint To Be Exclusive Carrier for Palm Pre

The new Palm Pre will be released in CDMA format in the first-half of 2009 and will be exclusive to Sprint Wireless. Pricing has yet to be determined. The Palm Pre will be available for pre-order from No official word on the length of the exclusivity or a GSM Palm Pre. The Palm Pre will only be available with a contract.

Palm Pre Release

Sprint Palm Pre

Palm Pre GSM In The Works

According to Engadget, Palm has gone on record saying there will be a GSM model of the Palm Pre. The GSM 3G Palm Pre will be available in "other regions", so this most likely means regions where Sprint does not offer service. Given Palm’s relationship with Vodafone, it’s a safe bet they will be the first outside of Sprint to see the Palm Pre.

via Engadget

Things We Don’t Know About webOS and Palm Pre

There has been plenty of news streaming out of Vegas regarding the new Palm webOS and the Palm Pre. During extensive demo time this afternoon, the operating system looks very stable. There are a number of issues regarding the webOS and Palm Pre that are still works in progress. Palm provided a deluge of information today, but there are still a few details that will not be answered until we get closer to launch. Palm would not comment either way regarding:

  • Flash support 
  • Mac support
  • YouTube streaming video

With Jon Rubenstein coming over from Apple, I’d be surprised if in this day and age they didn’t support the Mac platform. At last check, the Mac OS has reached 10% of the market and that’s a market that craves the latest technology. Of course, most of those are probably iPhone owners. If Palm hopes to convert them to the Palm Pre, they need to build in syncing support for Address Book and iCal. Additionally, the Palm OS that webOS replaces has always been Mac friendly. If you used a Treo and had a Mac, you most likely used a Palm OS Treo to avoid dealing with third party syncing apps.

Have questions for Palm? Let us know in the Palm Pre forums and I’ll do what I can to get them answered.

Palm CES 2009 Live Blog Event Starts at 2:00 pm

Just a few hours from our live blog coverage of Palm’s CES Event. Will they bring the new-ness? Some have dubbed this event make or break for Palm. I’ve traveled 15 hours (if include layovers and check-in) and ready to head over to the Venetian Hotel to provide blow-by-blow coverage.

Watch it unfold on our live blog event at Coverage will begin on or around 2:00 p.m. EST.

Palm To Include webOS App Store on Palm Pre

While it was not available today, Palm executives confirmed there will be an App Store on the Palm Pre. With all the secrecy surrounding the announcement today, developers will be anxious to get their hands on the webOS SDK. Given the unbridled success of the App Store on Apple’s iPhone, this seems like a no-brainer. No release date has been set for the App Store launch, but one would presume it would be ready when the Palm Pre is released in the first half of 2009. <

Palm’s “The Black Sheep Pub” To Host Treo Pro Launch In UK

In a unique marketing approach, Palm is taking over the The Truman Brewery for five nights to “celebrate those who dare to be different“. The pub will be renamed “The Black Sheep Pub” from October 13th through October 17th and is being dubbed the UK’s “first pop-up gastro pub“.

The company will host a series of ‘an audience with’ nights with celebrities from the worlds of business, sports, TV, music and comedy. Celebrities include Piers Morgan and synth-pop pioneers Human League. Guests will also be treated to a two-course meal by Michelin starred chef Brett Graham who is the head chef at the Ledbury in London’s Notting Hill. 

The Black Sheep Pub is open to the public. Tickets are available at Palm’s Black Sheep Pub microsite. The Treo Pro will be available in the UK through Vodafone from free on contract and also available through O2 direct sales and online business stores. Plan on attending the event? Let us know in the comments.

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