Treo Pro Makes Brief Appearance on Sprint’s Website

As we prepare the launch of our dedicated Palm Pre website, it’s refreshing to get back to some good ole’ Treo news. The long awaited debut of the Treo Pro on Sprint Wireless, while still unconfirmed, is imminent. In fact, the Treo Pro was spotted this morning on Sprint’s website, only to get pulled later in the day.


If there are not changes, the Treo Pro on Sprint Wireless will debut at $249.99 (with a 2-year contract, after rebate). Stay tuned and we’ll provide updates as soon as they become available. In the meantime, you can read Treo Pro reader reviews and our complete in-depth review of the Treo Pro.

CDMA Palm Treo Pro Gets FCC Approval, Sprint Annoucement Soon?

The CDMA version of Palm’s Treo Pro has just received FCC approval, the final step to it becoming available for sale. It’s been rumored for weeks to release on Sprint and many thought Palm would use CES to announce the Treo Pro. It’s clear the company wanted to keep one the light shining on the new Palm Pre, which it did quite successfully with the Pre winning "Best in Show" at CES.

With the Pre announcement behind us, look for a Sprint Treo Pro announcement  in the coming days, weeks. 

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Treo Pro for Sprint Wireless Coming?

In late October, we first learned about the Sprint carrying the Treo Pro when it came up in a product listing in their support section. With much of the excitement surrounding Palm’s CES event appropriately aimed squarely at the Nova OS and new Palm phone, it appears that we might also get the official word on a Sprint Treo Pro. Mobility Today grabbed a screenshot when Palm’s new website went live and it clearly shows a CDMA variant of the Treo Pro being available. To date, the Treo Pro has only been available as an unlocked GSM model.

It could prove that Thursday will bring announcements of new OS, new product line and a Sprint Treo Pro. Of course, Christopher Meinck will be there offering live blow-by-blow coverage. Sign up for the reminder or simply get your eyes set on on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. EST.


Cyber Monday Savings on Treo Accessories

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Treo Pro Coming To Sprint?

There have been rumblings about the Treo Pro coming to Sprint and more evidence of a possible Sprint Treo Pro was uncovered today. The Sprint Software website includes a drop down menu where customers can select their phone and the store will display compatible software.

Some may think, well it is unlocked, so perhaps Sprint is simply offering up software for the device. The current Treo Pro, while unlocked, is a GSM only phone. It can only run on AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM networks. Verizon and Sprint still run on CDMA networks. When Palm confirmed they were in talks with a US carrier, most all the tech blogs pointed to an AT&T release. Makes perfect sense considering the current Treo Pro works great on AT&T’s GSM network. Add to the equation that Sprint has been selling the Treo 800w and it’s been speculated that Verizon will start offering the Treo 800w in the next few weeks.

It’s still quite possible that both Sprint and AT&T are in line for the Treo Pro. The Treo 750 has been discontinued, leaving an opening for the Treo Pro in AT&T’s product offering. Stay tuned, but it appears we are headed for a subsidized Treo Pro.

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Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Update No Longer Available After October 31st

If you are an AT&T Treo 750 owner and looking to take advantage of Palm’s free update to Windows Mobile 6, the clock is ticking. The Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Update will only be available through October 31st, 2008. It will no longer be available starting November 1st. Why upgrade to Windows Mobile 6? Windows Mobile 6 provides faster downloads, improved calendar functionality, compatibility with Windows Vista along with a host of other improvements.


So if you are a Treo 750 owner running Windows Mobile 5, I’d recommend you visit Palm and download the free Windows Mobile 6 update for the Treo 750 while it’s available.

Treo Pro Bundle Now Available In Everything Treo Store

Starting today, the Everything Treo Store is offering the Palm Treo Pro at $549 plus a free bundled Retractable Sync & Charge Cable. ($11.95 value). Shipping starts at just $5.95, leaving this deal almost in line with the PCMall $519.99 plus shipping deal we wrote about yesterday. Residents outside of Florida also save on tax. As you’d expect, we also offer a full line of Treo Pro accessories, all backed by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Treo Pro Available for $519

Considering the Treo Pro, but looking to save a few dollars? PCMall, who happens to be an authorized reseller, has trimmed to the price on the unlocked Treo Pro to $519.99. Shipping reduces your savings, but depending on your location, you could also save on tax.



Palm Treo Pro Coming To Best Buy?

According to a report from BGR, the Palm Treo Pro appears to be headed to the shelves of Best Buy on October 26th. Expect the price to fall in line with the $549 pricing found at Palm, but you now have the convenience of shopping for Palm’s latest Treo at your local Best Buy. As a reminder, the Treo Pro arriving at Best Buy is unlocked and can be used on any GSM carrier. Still awaiting word from Palm on which US carrier who will carry the Treo Pro.


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Palm Survey Could Net You Free Treo

Palm, via their blog, informed us of a ten minute survey they are conducting to better understand how information we manage daily and how people deal with it. The survey is being conducted by research firm Basex on behalf of Palm. Everyone who completes the survey will be eligible for a chance to win one of 5 Treos. Participate in the survey and you just might net yourself a free Treo 750 equipped with Windows Mobile 6.