HP Ordering 6-7 Million webOS Tablets in 2011?

According to an article in DigiTimes, Inventec has landed an order to produce 6-7 million webOS based tablets  in 2011. They also happen to manufacture the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. This rumor comes from “industry sources” and DigiTimes has a less than stellar track record. That in mind, it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone if HP Palm announced a tablet sometime in early 2011. There is no bigger stage than CES and Palm hasn’t disappointed over the past two years. In fact, one would say they’ve set a high bar based upon their previous announcements. A webOS tablet would certainly live up to the standard.

Those numbers seem a tad bit high, but HP did say they were doubling down on webOS. Building and manufacturing 7 million tablets would certainly reinforce that statement.

DigiTimes via Electronista by way of PreCentral

webOS Hacked To Run On HTC Hero?

According to one developer at XDA, they’ve managed to hack webOS to work on the HTC Hero. The developer hasn’t posted any screen shots, but has promised to post instructions “after school“. Oh those crazy kids. This should be interesting, but why not something more exciting like an EVO or EPIC 4G?

webOS on Hero

Rumor: Palm Mansion to have 5-inch touchscreen

A rumor out of relatively unknown Gorumors (via BGR) cites a source within Palm saying the company is planning on releasing a 5-inch touchscreen device in February. There are of course references to the Palm Mansion in webOS 2.0, along with the Stingray. This is the first we’ve heard about particular specs. We’d advise you take this one with multiple-packets of salt.

Palm Mansion

HP Informs Employees webOS tablet coming Q1 2011

According to Engadget, Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley informed HP employees yesterday that the company is planning on introducing a webOS tablet sometime in Q1 of 2011. Sources say it is indeed codenamed “Hurricane”. Of course, CES is the biggest consumer electronics event of the year, so we suspect that will be the perfect stage for such an unveiling.

HP Hurricane webOS Tablet

No word on the status of any new smartphones, but we have think Palm’s roadmap had some planned for this year.

Rumor: Palm Shake-up, Rubinstein To Be Replaced?

RUMOR: We’ve tagged this heavily as rumor, but TechCrunch is reporting that “according to industry sources” a shakeup at Palm is imminent and CEO Jon Rubinstein might be replaced. TechCrunch has reached out to Palm for a comment. This comes on the heals of news that Caitlin Spaan, Palm’s vice president of carrier marketing will be leaving the company. Spaan has been with Palm for 14 years.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors.


As soon as we get an update or clarification on this story, we’ll update this space. It seems late in the game to make such a major move and one would think it would have a detrimental affect on morale at Palm. Just yesterday, the Financial Times had a feature piece on Palm where Rubinstein was quoted as saying, ” I believe Palm can survive as an independent company. We have a plan that gets us to profitability.” That doesn’t sound to us like someone ready to walk out the door.

Let’s hope this gets sorted out sooner than later.

UPDATE: Palm issued a comment to Business Insider that they do not comment on rumors. Engadget adds “not to mention that entire marketing department we hear has been canned“. Palm’s Developer Conference is in full swing this weekend and Jon Rubinstein made an appearance. This tweet made it’s way out of the conference via  @Adora: RT @rboatright: Ruby says “I’m still here…”  Lots of laughs.  Rumor appears to be a rumor.  #palmdev

Takeover Rumors Persist, Wheel Lands on HTC

Palm’s stock was on the rise again today, in a move similar to Tuesay, again based upon rumors of a possible takeover. This time, the rumors center around HTC. PreCentral points us to a translated article from Chinese Economic News.


Smartphone maker HTC is in talks with Palm on a possible acquisition, the Economic Daily said, citing market speculation, after foreign media reported that some other companies including China’s Lenovo had been named as potential suitors.

Linda Mills, a spokesperson for HTc, said the company does not comment on rumors, but added: “To the best of my knowledge this is just a rumor.”

Palm declined to comment.

Thanks Wil W

Analyst Eightball: New Palm Products Due Late Next Year

Tim over at EverythingiCafe has created Analyst Eightball, a feature we’re borrowing for EverythingPre. From time to time, we’ll look at what anlaysts are saying about Palm and bring it to you, our readers. Given their predictions in the past, some of it might happen, some might not. Later today, Palm will announce their financial results and as you’d suspect, analyst are making predictions about the results and possible new devices for Palm.


Based upon channel checks, Piper Jaffray analysts believe Palm sold at least 600k webOS devices (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi) in the quarter. Palm has yet to disclose the number of webOS devices sold, but we are hoping to get actual numbers from the company later today. Piper Jaffray analysts expect Verizon to launch webOS devices in February, with a second large North American carrier to also deliver Palm phones in the first half of 2010. AT&T? It’s not clear if we’ll see the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi or both. They view the Palm Pixi as the driver and the key to ramping up volume of webOS devices. Clearly, at the price point of the Pixi, this makes perfect sense. With the Verizon Palm Pixi sporting WiFi, one has to wonder if big red will ship both webOS devices. The lines of differentiation between the two products is starting to blur.

New devices are expected in the second half of 2010. With CES 2010 starting on January 7th, will Palm use the big stage to make yet another big announcement?

Rumor: webOS 1.2 Update Delayed

Various rumors and leaked roadmaps have been leading everyone to a September 24th release of webOS 1.2, but it might not happen. Pre|Central and their steady stream of anonymous tipsters lets us know that webOS 1.2 will be delayed until next week and will release as webOS 1.2.1.

So why the delay? Sprint needs to conduct testing on the revised webOS 1.2, in addition to changes in the App Catalog. In addition to a host of improvements, you can expect iTunes syncing to work with iTunes 9.0. The tipster adds that the initial iTunes sync fix took all of 5 minutes, while the latest hurdle was around 2 and 1/2 hours.

It doesn’t appear that re-enabling iTunes sync was the cause of the delay. More than likely, one can assume that enabling e-commerce in the Palm App Catalog, combined with the other improvements are the cause for the delay. Palm never officially confirmed that September 24th would mark the release of webOS 1.2, so it’s not likely that we’ll hear one way or the other from Palm on the delay. Stay tuned tomorrow.

Rumor: New Palm Phones In Sprint Inventory System

The folks at Pre|Central have been sent a screenshot of  Sprint’s inventory system that indicates two new Palm phones. The Palm 120 and Palm C40 appear with a price of $1, which one would assume is a placeholder. Joining these two is the Palm 100 which is the shipping Pre and a few models of the Centro.


Just a few days ago, we saw the P100 and P121 crop up in Verizon’s inventory system.  This led us to believe that Verizon would be picking up the Palm Pre and perhaps the Palm Eos. If the P121/P120 is the Palm Eos, then what is the Palm C40?

Rumor: Palm Pre Spotted In Verizon Inventory Database

A tipster revealed screenshots from Verizon’s Inventory database and it certainly appears to us that the Palm Pre is on it’s way to Verizon. The database shows two devices codenamed P101 and P121. The Sprint roadmap had used codename P100, so it’s plausible that the P101 is Verizon’s Palm Pre.


The P121 is likely another webOS device and perhaps the Palm Eos.

Unfortunately, there are no release dates, but things are certainly shaping up for Verizon customers looking to get their hands on a webOS device.

[Phone Arena via Engadget]