HP Makes It Right Part Deux, $50 Credit for Early Adopters

For those of you who took advantage of HP’s $50 “make it right” rebate on the TouchPad, you might feel some sting from the recent deals on the HP TouchPad. HP has not forgotten about you and they are making things right yet again. Those who purchased the HP TouchPad between July 1st and August 4th will receive a $50 credit for the App Catalog. Details will be forthcoming in an email next week.

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HP TouchPad for $350 Shipped

If you are outside of the NY area, you can score a 16GB HP TouchPad from DataVis via eBay for only $349.99. Those of you in the NY area, will be subject to tax. This price also includes free shipping. The best deal is still using the Staples $100 off coupon at either Office Max or Office Depot, bringing the price down to $299. As we reported on Thursday, Staples has been out of stock of the 16GB model previous to the coupon offering. For about $25 more, you don’t have to leave your house or bother with any hassles that come with price matching.This price is even less than the Woot deal.

HP TouchPad deal

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Save $100 Off HP TouchPad at Staple’s

If you missed the boat on the “making it right” discount, Staple’s has a coupon that offers $100 of any HP TouchPad. That means you can use the $100 of the 16GB HP TouchPad. You might have trouble finding one in store. A quick check of stores in Long Island showed the TouchPad out of stock at all ten stores. I’ve seen reports of people using the coupon at Office Depot, but your mileage may vary.

UPDATE: HP is promoting a limited time offer of $100 off the TouchPad from August 5 through August 7th.

HP TouchPad $100 off

Anyone jumping of the fence at that price? Early adopters not feeling so great about the deep price cuts less than a month after the release?

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HP TouchPad Update Rolling Out This Morning

According to a tweet from HP”s Richard Kerris, TouchPad owners can expect a software update sometime early today. No word yet on what’s included in the update. We’re hoping that HP addresses the lag issue plaguing webOS owners since its infancy and one of the main issues we touched upon in our HP TouchPad review. We’ll keep on eye on the changelog once it’s release to see if they’ve managed to rewrite the CSS3 to be GPU accelerated in webOS update 3.0.2.


Simply the best implementation of multitasking on any platform

Own a TouchPad? Receive the update? Let us know how it’s working for you.

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HP TouchPad Gets Kindle, MovieStore Updates

HP is starting to deliver updates to apps that appeared as placeholders on the TouchPad. This has made for a busy week with both Kindle and MovieStore apps going live. Users in the US can now purchase and download books for Kindle on the TouchPad. HP promises that a future update will allow for Kindle purchases outside of the US. Also new today is the HP MovieStore, that is powered by RoxioNow.


For those early adopters, these releases should provide you with plenty of good media options. Download a book or movie? Let us know in the comments.

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HP webOS Roadmap Details 64GB White TouchPad, Pre 3 This Fall

According to PreCentral, who have come across a leaked product briefing, there will be a new 64GB white HP TouchPad in August. This isn’t simply a color change combined with upgraded storage. This is rumored to have a dual core 1.5Hgz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an upgrade over the processor found in the TouchPad released a mere 3 days ago.

Also on the TouchPad front is a model that supports AT&T’s 4G network (which really isn’t 4G, but we’ll go along with it). That model will be black glossy and have the same specs as the current 32GB model.

The smaller 7 inch TouchPad, codenamed Opal, will find it’s way into retails stores later this fall.

Finally, the HP Pre 3 is listed as coming this fall. HP has consistently said the HP Pre 3 would be coming this summer.

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Do you receive your HP TouchPad “make it right” email?

There has been plenty of confusion related to the announcement yesterday that early webOS adopters could receive a $50 rebate with a 32GB TouchPad purchase. Some folks have received the email below, but a number of users have not, including myself. One would assume you are still eligible if you purchased a Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi or Palm Pixi Plus, regardless of your current phone. Let’s say you’ve moved to a Veer, then your older Palm Pre would still make you eligible based upon this email.
HP TouchPad rebate

Based on the eligibility requirements above, please take this quick poll and let us know if you’ve received your email from HP.

We should learn more once the final submission forms become available. As noted in the email, HP advises us to “stay tuned” and they will will provide instructions on how to get your rebate.

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First HP TouchPad Review Hits, In Canada

Just days before the July 1st release date, plenty of you are no doubt waiting to see the steady stream of HP TouchPad reviews. The first HP TouchPad review comes from north of the border courtesy of itbusiness.ca. They concluded:

HP’s TouchPad offers a great user experience on hardware that’s top of the line. It makes an appealing tablet choice to those who want to work it into their workflow. But the drawback of a more limited app selection and lack of a rear-facing camera will see some consumers passing on it for the iPad 2.

You can read their full review here. Overall, they seem impressed with the TouchPad.
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HP Offering $50 Off 32GB TouchPad To Legacy webOS Owners

HP today announced they would providing legacy webOS owners the ability to receive a $50 rebate off the 32GB HP TouchPad. A proof of purchase of a Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus is required. No, you can stack the offer if you’ve owned more than one. The rebate is good for pre-orders and reservations. HP promises to send an email with details of the offer.
HP TouchPad savings

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Richard Kerris Takes To The Airwaves Ahead of TouchPad Launch

Richard Kerris, head of Worldwide webOS Developer relations, appeared on Fox Business News yesterday. Kerris gave a shot out to the “homebrew community” and took a shot at Google’s Honeycomb, saying “Android hasn’t done a good job with Honeycomb on tablets”.

With under a week to go until the TouchPad launch, expect this week to be a frenzy of TouchPad promotions.