Facebook App Now Available in App Catalog

The much anticipated native Facebook application has been released for webOS devices. It’s available in the App Catalog now.  Go get it and let us know what you think of the new app. If you haven’t updated to webOS 1.3.1, you will need to do so prior to downloading the new Facebook app.


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Palm Releases webOS Update 1.3.1

Palm last night released the webOS 1.3.1 update for Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. The OTA (over the air) update is available by selecting ‘Updates’ on your device. The update is available for both Sprint and Bell wireless carriers. The complete changelog is available after the break. You can discuss the update in our forums.


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App Catalog Additions: October 29th

Over the past day, Palm has added quite a few apps to the App Catalog. You can find the following apps available now in the App Catalog.

  • Gone Fishin’ $0.99
  • Altimeter $0.99
  • Pegged $0.99
  • WordFreak $0.99
  • Fortune Teller $0.99
  • Media Clock $0.99
  • P2Wardrobe $0.99
  • Solitaire  $0.99
  • Mosquintones $0.99
  • Zombie Invasion $0.99
  • Zip Code Tools Free
  • Word Racer Lite Free
  • Fashion News 1 Free:
  • Simple Big Book Free
  • PhotoWALL Free
  • Concert Finder Lite Free
  • Voxofon Call Abroad Free
  • TMaps – NY  Free
  • Stitcher Podcast Radio Free
  • MoreStocks Trial Free
  • MyQ for Netflix $3.00
  • DOF Calculator $1.99
  • MoreStocks $4.99
  • Guitarist’s Reference Pro $2.99
  • Color Puzzle $2.49
  • Spit $1.99
  • Classic Solitaire $1.99
  • SlidePuzzle $1.99
  • Lights $0.99
  • QuickQueue $1.99
  • Concert Finder $1.99
  • Grocery List $1.99
  • Scoop $0.99
  • Greeting Card Messages Pro $0.99
  • Net2Streams Pro $2.99
  • ICEcare $1.99
  • Pegger Meister $0.99
  • Elite GP $0.99
  • Brush Stroke Pro $2.99
  • Scientific RPN Calculator $9.99
  • MyIP $0.99
  • Quick Dialer $1.99
  • Events $0.99

For those looking to get the latest updates on new App Catalog additions, you should considering following @PalmNewApps on Twitter. This is an official Palm Twitter account that offers updates on what’s new in the App Catalog.

App Catalog Additions: October 27th

Palm let us know, via their official App Catalog Twitter feed, that a few new apps are available through the official App Catalog. You can find the following apps available now in the App Catalog. For those looking to get the latest updates on new App Catalog additions, you should considering following @PalmNewApps on Twitter. This is an official Palm Twitter account that offers updates on what’s new in the App Catalog.

  • Jobr Free:
  • Updated Absolute Fitness $4.99:
  • Updated PocketMirror Free:
  • Super Hangman Pro $2.99:
  • Blocks $2.99:

Facebook App Coming for Palm Pre?

The Palm Pixi will drop on November 15th and will include a new Facebook application that was shown during the Palm Pixi preview at fashion week. At that time, we only got a glimpse of the app, so we’re not sure what’s going to be included in the Facebook app. One would surmise that not only will the app come with the Palm Pixi, but it will also be available for the Palm Pre on or around November 15th.


A new Facebook application will be available with Palm Pixi, so users can see and comment on all the latest news from friends and easily update their status.

A few days ago, we asked our readers if Palm was lacking a killer app. A native Facebook app might just be that very app. The popularity of both Facebook and free apps could be just what Palm needs.

What are you looking for from Palm’s new Facebook app? Is mobile Facebook sufficient for your needs? Do you use the desktop version of Facebook. Let us know more about your webOS Facebook experience in the comments or in our Palm forums.

Palm’s App Catalog Lacking a Killer App

The App Catalog has been up and running since the launch of the Palm Pre, a little over four months ago. Once Palm added support for e-commerce, we’ve seen a nice influx of applications, but is there a killer app available for webOS yet? We all know the multi-tasking advantages of webOS, but does the SDK (software development kit) provide developers with the tools to deliver killer apps? Using game systems as parallel, sometimes it takes developers time to deliver an application that really maximize the capabilities of the operating system.

Looking at the ‘Popular’ apps, the first five are all paid apps. According the App Catalog, these are the most popular apps.

  • Track n’ Pack $7.99 : Shipment tracking app that supports Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL.
  • Baby Bump $3.99: A pregnancy app that keeps you informed about your pregancy and provides feature-rich tracking tools.
  • Top Stocks $4.95: Top Stocks delivers real-time stock market information with prices, line charges, news stories and more.
  • Tilt Origami $1.99: A game based on the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.
  • My Translator $1.99:  Language and text translator, with support for over 35 languages.

While I’m certain they have utility and value to some users, they don’t appear to be “killer apps” that drive device sales. When Palm demonstrated the Pixi, they used the Air Hockey app for demonstration purposes, currently sitting with a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5. Good, but not great — and certainly not of the killer variety.


Are these apps on the horizon? Is there a gem hidden the App Catalog that has the potential to be that killer app. If Palm were to showcase apps in a new commercial, what app would make consumers consider the Palm Pre as their next smartphone. Let us know if you’ve found that app? If not, what are you looking for from developers looking to make a killer app for webOS.

App Catalog Additions: October 16th

Time for another round of App Catalog Additions, tracking new applications that enter the official Palm App Catalog.


  • Tweed $1.99 : New paid version offers direct photo upload, full screen profile pics, new notifications dashboard. There is also a lite version which is likely similar to your existing app if you are using Tweed.
  • Yell.com Free : Yell.com lets people find local businesses and service prividers from Yell’s comprehensive UK Yellow Pages listings.
  • TWiT by Mediafly Free: Mediafly Mobile featuring TWiT.tv allows you to access the entire TWiT Netcast Network all of the audio shows and the new video shows.
  • Mediafly Mobile Video + Audio Free: Mediafly Mobile for the Palm webOS allows you to access the best of the web’s audio and video netcases and podcasts directly from the Palm Pre.

Clearly, the big news today is the release of the paid version of Tweed. The pricing is introductory, so those looking to upgrade to the paid version should do so early.

Download any of the new apps? Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Forums.

App Catalog Additions: October 13th

Time for another round of App Catalog Additions, tracking new applications that enter the official Palm App Catalog. Today we see three new paid applications and an app released for German Pre owners.


  • My Loaned Items $1.99: Application to allow you to instantly record items that you loan to friends, family and colleagues. Send out automatic reminders via SMS from the applications to let borrowers know your stuff is due back.
  • TechTray $0.99: Keep up on the latest news and technology headlines with TechTray. An RSS feed reader that allows you to quick browse headlines from 25  of the top news technology sites.
  • Match’em $0.99: A classic concentration game featuring a beautiful space theme. Try to match all the tiles as quickly as possible. Match’em includes two levels of difficulty, background music, high score tables and an optional kid-friendly full screen mode.
  • billiger.de Free: Price comparison for more than 2500 shops in the Germany. Check if the sale price is really a good deal in seconds.

Purchase one of the above? Let us know what you think in the comments or in our Palm Forums.

App Installation Limited to 64MB?

As more apps get added to both the official App Catalog and homebrew catalogs, more and more users are seeing a “Sorry, Not Enough Memory” error. This error occurs despite having sufficient free space on their Palm Pre, which of course leads to frustration. We touched on the topic last week article, “Palm’s App Catalog Experiencing Growing Pains“. Rod Whitby of webOS Internals did further investigation in an attempt to figure out users were having trouble.

I’ve now webOS Doctored my Pre in the name of science, and have tested the limits of installing applications.

If you run “du -s /var/usr/palm/applications/*”, and add up all the numbers in the first column, then as soon as you hit the 62367 1K blocks limit of the addition of the sizes reported by that “du” command and the size of the app you with to install, you will get the dreaded “Sorry, Not Enough Memory” error from the Palm App Catalog application (and any other installer, like fileCoaster or PreLoad, which uses the palm appInstaller API).  It doesn’t matter whether you have 192MB free in your /var partition, it will max out at just under 64MB of application usage.

We suspect Palm will figure out a fix to resolve this issue. In the meantime, you can read Rod’s complete analysis of the situation at his blog.

UPDATE: Rod of webOSInternals has created an application titled Fair Dinkum that fixes the application memory issue. This app is available through Preware.

App Catalog Additions: October 9th

Today is another installment of App Catalog Additions, letting you know what new apps are now available in the Palm App Catalog. Today brings a host of new apps of both the paid and free variety.




  • Blobbers $0.99
  • Bogus Caller $0.99
  • CL USB Sync Free
  • Dose $0.99
  • Flashlight Free
  • Intersection $0.99
  • m:Mafia 40 Favor $4.99
  • m:Vampire 40 Gmes $4.99
  • FriendsFlow $1.99 (return of original app)
  • TipIt Free
  • ScreamIt $0.99
  • TealShopper $4.95
  • ColorMatch $1.99
  • Wooter Free
  • Speed Brain Deluxe $1.99

BlockDrop has been removed from the App Catalog. No word on why, but other Tetris clones have experienced a similar fate.