Cingular to offer Broadband Access

Cingular To Offer Broadband Access

December 11, 2005

By: Christopher Meinck

With the Treo 700 set to debut next month, it will represent the first Treo smartphone to offer
broadband access. Verizon is expected to roll out the new Treo 700w in January and it will be compatible with their EV-DO network. EV-DO stands for Evolution-Data Only and will bring new levels of speed to the Treo. When it comes to accessing email, browsing the web or large downloads, the launch
of EV-DO represents a whole new level of performance. Cingular, not to be left out, has announced
it’s high speed service called HSDPA which stands for high-speed download packet access.

HSDPA boasts throughput between 400 bits per second and 700 bps with spikes in the 1 megabit range.
Although still in testing, it’s expected that new GSM Treo models due out next year will feature HSDPA. With the Treo 700w
available early next year on CDMA networks, Cingular will need to offer similar features on their GSM mobile network if they are to compete with Verizon’s EV-DO capable Treo 700w.

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