Common Access Card System for Palm Treo Smartphones Now Available

Palm has announced the availability of a Common Access Card (CAC) solution for Palm Treo smartphones running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology.

Officially called the Smartphone Security Version 7 CAC Pack from Trust Digital, the CAC Pack for Windows Mobile-based Treo smartphones addresses Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, which requires all federal agencies to implement a system of smartcards that deliver a common, two-factor authentication method for physical doors, computers and smartphones in all federal buildings. Trust Digital is a leading provider of enterprise smartphone security and management software.

"The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Homeland Security and other government agencies face mission-critical situations requiring secure mobile access to encrypted email, websites and applications," said Eric Johnson, director of public sector and strategic partners at Palm, Inc. "The CAC Pack for Windows Mobile-based Treo smartphones lets authorized personnel use their smartphones to digitally sign and encrypt/decrypt email and documents, log on to secure websites and utilize other applications that may require CAC, such as Microsoft applications. It’s a powerful, turn-key way to mobilize communications and connect wirelessly and securely to IT infrastructures."

"Trust Digital is providing federal government and military personnel with an alternative to proprietary RIM devices by introducing a powerful wireless CAC solution that combines the Palm’s world-class ease of use on Windows Mobile with advanced security management from Trust Digital," said Dan Dearing, vice president of marketing at Trust Digital. "In combination with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Smartphone Security Version 7 CAC Pack offers a secure email solution that reduces total cost of ownership , enables the adoption of open-market smartphones, and provides a superior user experience while also complying with agency and service security mandates."

Features of the CAC Pack for Windows Mobile-based Treo Smartphones

  • Compact and rugged Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled CAC reader that also connects to Bluetooth-enabled desktop and laptop computers. The reader is ready to serve as a badge holder with printed identification features exposed for visual inspection. It can be used with a retractable cord or lanyard.
  • Security software provides two-factor authentication of Treo smartphone users that enables them to digitally sign and/or encrypt email messages. It supports device-level authentication and data-at-rest encryption (AES 128/196/256 and Triple DES) of the smartphone. This on-device security visually identifies smartphones as they access a network and requires all devices to authenticate, register and pass policy-based compliance verification before gaining network access via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. The policy-based software also helps to eliminate the risks associated with accidental or malicious data disclosure using FIPS 140-2 validated encryption. It also manages and controls device access; oversees communication ports, such as Bluetooth and IR; supervises software installation and execution; as well as controls SMS text messaging, camera, infrared and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Management software features a web-based console that centralizes management of Treo smartphone security with the use of a help desk, compliance reporting and policy-editing capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

The Smartphone Security Version 7 CAC Pack from Trust Digital is listed on U.S. General Services Agency (GSA) schedules. Prices will vary depending on GSA schedule. For more information on the CAC Pack, please call or visit or

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